What the New Orleans Pelicans had to say about 137-107 loss to the Nuggets (4/3/14)

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams
On tonight’s performance

“We didn’t play well to start the game. They shot the ball really well. Like I told our guys, in the month of March we set a high bar for how we can play regardless of who is on the floor. That is what we expect and they all agreed. We didn’t play well tonight and they shot the ball really well. You look at these numbers and since I have been here we haven’t given up those kinds of numbers with our defense. That is the toughest part for me, is allowing teams to score like that. Even when they are shooting the ball as well as [the Nuggets] did from the three. I thought [the Nuggets] had way too many easy points in the paint, 64 and they made 15 threes. We were not great in the paint, especially in the first half. It is a tough loss, we have to flush it and try and regroup as far as our mentality and what we have to do to play at a higher level . . . the way that we did last week.”

On guarding Kenneth Faried

“He played with a great deal of energy tonight. It wasn’t a lot in the post. A lot of it was transition and just driving by our bigs and dunking the ball with his right hand. We talked about him being a strong right hand driver, but we didn’t do a good job on him tonight.”

On Anthony Davis’ injury

“He had back spasms. He felt it a little bit this morning. He tried his best to get out there and play. He was great to start, but when he sat down it locked up on him and he couldn’t recover. I was close to just pulling him to start the game but he said he was good and could go. Then, when he played he looked good. When I took him out of the game after his second fo0ul, everything locked up on him. When I put him back he just couldn’t do it so we pulled the plug.”

New Orleans Pelicans Guard Brian Roberts
On lack of defense
“We didn’t do a good job from the jump. We were trading baskets and then we fell off scoring and they didn’t. You can’t play a game like that. You have to defend and not try to go back-and-forth offensively with a team. They just kept it going all four quarters.”

On Nuggets shooting performance
“I felt like they were making shots from the jump. Like I said they just never stopped and we did. We got cold a little bit. That’s not who we are. We are a defensive team. We can’t try to win games offensively by itself. We play defense and tonight we didn’t.”

New Orleans Pelicans Guard Tyreke Evans
On lack of defensive pressure
“They just ran up and down the court and did what they wanted to do. They did make some unbelievable three’s. They were on fire tonight but we have to do a better job defensively. ”

On Kenneth Faried’s performance
“He has a lot of energy. That’s what he does, put pressure on the basket. We knew that coming into the game that he was going to come out aggressive and we didn’t do a good job of stopping him.”