What the New Orleans Pelicans had to say about 135-98 win over the Philadelphia 76ers (11/16/13)

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams
On how a game like tonight reinforces the message sent in practice to find offensive opportunities

“For us, until we have the time to gel and put it together, you have to play that way. I think that’s how you cover up inexperience, by playing hard, tough, but with a purpose. Not running around like crazy. I think until we figure out who we are, that’s the only way we can play. I think that’s what has plagued us in this last week. We did this in spurts, but tonight we were consistently going after guys on defense and sharing the ball. Thirty assists in one game, to me, that’s a big time focus on making sure that if I don’t have a shot, somebody else has it and it was just a consistent mindset throughout the night. That’s how we have to play until we figure out who we are. It just takes time.”

On working on consistency

“I’ve had four different teams in four years. We’ve had ten games together and everyone wants us to be the Spurs. We just have to keep working. The more we work at it, the more we close down those ebbs and flows. I just told our guys that they have that Utah sting and they have to hold on to that. How we felt on that plane coming home is how we have to approach everything. To me, we were all hurt. We can’t get happy on the farm after winning one game. We beat a good team who knocked off some pretty good teams, but we’re in no position to think that this is commonplace for us. We have to keep working.”

On Ryan Anderson

“Ryan’s a unique player. He can space the floor and knock down shots, but he can also take it to the basket and create for himself. I mess with him a lot, but he’s a willing passer. Defensively, he’s like something we haven’t had. We can go to the bench and have a guy who can space the floor and fight for rebounds. He’s not even in shape. Once he gets in better shape he’s going to be a lot better.”

Pelicans Forward Anthony Davis
On his performance tonight
“We played defense and shared the ball. We got out on the break after every rebound to create easy points for ourselves. We pushed the ball up and down the court, and (got) the ball to our guards so they could create something for the big men that were running.”

On the play of Ryan Anderson
“He spaces the floor, plays great defense and rebounds and was a big factor in our win tonight.”

Pelicans Forward Ryan Anderson
On his performance off injury
“It felt great, I told coach to let me go and if I don’t have it pull me, but if not just let me go. Our strength coach really helped me prepare for the game tonight, helping to be in shape for both parts of the court.”

On the play of the second unit
“Yeah tonight was a great night and me and Tyreke (Evans) had a great game. The key is consistency and tonight was just one game, but we hope to continue this throughout the season.”