What the New Orleans Pelicans had to say about 123-110 loss to the Clippers (2/24/14)

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams
On allowing the Clippers to dictate the team’s spirit

“They had one of their nights where the ball was going in for them. I was certainly not satisfied, but proud of the way our guys competed. There were a lot of shots that we had a hand up (to contest) and they (the Clippers) threw it up in the sky and it came down and went in the bucket. What I didn’t like was there were times when they made shots and I thought that we allowed our spirit to get down a little bit. When you are playing against a team like that, you can’t allow both things to happen, the stuff on the floor and your heart to go down. We just allowed their offense to dictate our spirit, especially in the third quarter. We cut it to six and then the next thing you know it’s up to 18 or 19. You’re trying to dig out of a hole after that.”

On giving up shots

“A lot of the dunks came from breakdowns on defense. Our weak side wasn’t great tonight. That happens, but it can’t happen against a veteran team like that. Then we took that away and they started hitting shots. We just have to be better.”

Pelicans center Alexis Ajinca
On what was tough about tonight’s game
“It was tough for A.D (Anthony Davis) to take on everybody by himself, Blake (Griffin) was being physical and it was hard to overcome that.”

On how they expect to get out of a four game losing streak
“We have to be ready to bounce back and be physical. It’s a mental thing too. A lot of teams have a tough time a tough time on the road, we just have to prepare. It’s tough on the road, but we just have to block that pain.”

Pelicans guard Brian Roberts
On what was positive about this game
“They (the Clippers) made shots, and we kind of let that discourage us. We felt like we played “ok” defense and we kind of picked it up in the second half, but at that point in the game they were already in the rhythm and making shots. We really didn’t expect that coming off a back to back, but hats off to them.”

On how he feels about Chris Paul’s skills and leadership
“He did a great job. He has a lot of control over the moment and over his team, and he gets guys in a position where they can be successful and as a point guard that’s what you have to do. He does a great job in leading his team, and you can always look to get some pointers from a person like him.”