What the New Orleans Pelicans had to say about 116-104 loss to the Suns (2/28/14)

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams
On Tonight’s Loss

“I feel like we had control of the game, I just felt like we couldn’t keep the ball under control. You don’t want to single guys out but Morris, that stretch where he had 8 in a row at the end of the third and beginning of the fourth; that changed the game. Other than that our guys battled all night long. A lot of good stuff happened. We got up 10 but just couldn’t hold on to it. For whatever reason, we’ve had these moments in games where we have an opportunity to increase our lead or at least keep it there and we just couldn’t. We got contributions from a lot of people; we just couldn’t get a fourth scorer tonight. We just couldn’t get the stops; we just couldn’t get the ball. Dragic was in our paint all night long. He’s a really good player but we could have done a better job.

I think pace off of misses really hurt us tonight. When we missed shots, they just took off. There were times when we had the right matchup and then there were times where we got sucked in by the penetration and they kicked it out for threes. Right before the half Tucker hits a three and instead of being up one, we’re down two. They didn’t shoot I like they have in the past but they made timely threes. Dragic was impressive all night.”

Pelicans Forward Anthony Davis
On Third Quarter Turnaround
“Dragic got in the paint, finished, got a few open looks. They hit some threes, but it all started with Dragic. He was in our paint and trying to score and we started worrying about him and leaving guys open.

On Smith’s Rainbow Shot in Fourth
"Momentum, that was momentum right there. The crowd got into it, we were on the road, trying to come back and it was a momentum changer right there. I think if he would have missed it and we came down and scored it would have been a different ball game but it put them up 8. It’s tough, deflating, especially when you’re playing great defense and he hit a tough shot; Hats off to him."

Pelicans Guard Eric Gordon
On Third Quarter Turnaround
“They really turned up offensively. They were driving and penetrating. Dragic was scoring the ball really well and we let them get too much in a rhythm. It was quick, we were up and the next thing you know they’re knocking down all kinds of crazy shots and they were just in a rhythm.”

“We were fighting to get back. It was tough, we weren’t making plays, but fourth quarter, that’s the tough part of the game and we’ve got to learn that we have to be a lot more physical. Sometimes when you see a team have momentum like that, you have to put them on the free throw line or you’ve just got to keep them out of the paint and that’s what they want, driving and kicking, kicking out to shooters or getting into the lane.”