What the New Orleans Pelicans had to say about 108-95 loss to the Clippers (12/18/13)

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams
On tonight’s game

“Well, they played better than we did in some aspects, but a number of things, we did poorly. There were times where we didn't finish. We were 24-55 in the paint. That's typically not something we struggle with. There were times where we contested a shot, they missed it, and the guy contesting the shot took off on the break, and the ball comes right to us, and we don't get it. And then, we fouled at least three jump shooters tonight. I think it ended up being for two threes and one two, just gave them eight free throws. So, a number of poor decisions on our part, but they forced the issue, especially in the beginning of the third quarter. I think there was a 16-8 run, or something like that and we never get it close enough to where we felt good.”

Any concern over ability to make shots?

“No [I am not concerned], because we're getting open shots. Ryan [Anderson] had a number of open shots that he took, that he [usually] knocks down. Jason [Smith] had a few layups tonight, Austin [Rivers] had some floaters. I'm never concerned about that. It's disheartening to see that ball go in and out, but I know that we can knock down shots. That's what we do. Two nights in a row, we play solid defense, and we just give up so many easy opportunities because we miss shots and they were able to convert.”

On the return of Anthony Davis

“I just throw him [Anthony Davis] in the fire. You know me. If you're healthy, I'll put you back out there in the normal rotation. That's why I'm really firm on not putting guys out there if they're not healthy because I don't want to do that. So, those guys were more than willing to play their normal minutes. It was good to see. AD [Anthony Davis] had a double-double and Tyreke [Evans] had a triple-double. Unfortunately, we don't have a win to celebrate that with.”

Pelicans forward Anthony Davis
On his return from injury
“It felt good to be back on the floor. You know, I've been out for like three, three and a half weeks. Just to be back there, have fun and do the things that we're doing, it was great. I'm upset that we got that loss, but we've got to learn from it.”

On the lasting impact of injury
“No, I just got to get back in a rhythm… You can work out as much you want, train as much as you want, but that game rhythm and that game condition is a lot different. Hopefully, it won't take me long to get my shot back, free throws back, you know, plays that I usually make.”

Pelicans forward Tyreke Evans
On coming back from injury
“I'm just trying to hit a rhythm. It's tough, coming in and all with injuries, but I just always found a way to work hard and battle to try and compete. When I'm out there, I try to get them off and when I'm not scoring, I'm playing defense. I just try to get myself [inaudible], and not have to score every times.”

On returning to form
“I did a little of light stuff, I didn‟t want to aggravate it [the injury] too much. I got in started running on the court, it was a little tight. I had to get loosened up, so coach kept me out there and I got looser. All the time I was out there, I kept getting warmer and warmer, so I started attacking more and finding a rhythm.”

Pelicans center Jason Smith
On the return of Anthony Davis
“It's good to have him [Anthony Davis] back. He wanted to come out with good energy. I thought he played really hard, played really effective. He was running in transition, helping us push the tempo; and that's what he does. I thought he hasn't skipped a beat. You never want to get a guy back too early and re-injure anything, but I thought he played very well tonight.”

On the play of Clippers center DeAndre Jordan
“He's [DeAndre Jordan] a very active player. He went out there with the mindset to play hard, and he definitely did that tonight. He's very athletic. He was running the floor well. You can just tell that they were having good synergy tonight.”