What the New Orleans Pelicans had to say about 107-98 loss to the Rockets (12/28/13)

Pelicans Head Coach Monty Williams
On the game

“We couldn’t say we had it. They took it, so those are the games where you’re watching and you can’t blame that on youth. That’s basketball. To give up some of the buckets we gave up down the stretch was tough because coming off a back to back and playing against a team like that, you were feeling like we had a chance to win the game. You look at some of your mistakes and it just sticks with you for a while. Our guys fought their tails off and I’m proud of that”

On the free throw difference

“Anything I say is going to get me in trouble. Ok, so, let’s just leave it at that. Thirty two to eight.”

On if he sees the Rockets developing

“I don’t care about the Rockets. The Rockets are a good team. They’re not developing. They’re one of the best teams in the NBA. They have everything they want for a team. I’m more worried about these young guys I have trying to beat a team like the Rockets because they have a chance to win a championship. They have post up players, they shot three’s, they have a bench, a good coach and that’s not developing. That is what it is. They are a really, really good team.”

Pelicans forward Anthony Davis
On the game
“We were in it the whole game and we were giving ourselves a chance to win the game. We tried to send a couple of guys at Dwight and give him different looks. He found Jeremy Lin in the corner for a three and then James came down and hit a three. They just made big shots and we didn’t execute at the end. We have to come out and know what we’re running and execute.”

On his play against Dwight Howard
“We just tried to fight him. He’s big down there and had a lot of moves. We tried to fight him and throw different looks at him, send different guys at him. He’s going to make shots, but we had to try to stop their three point shots. We needed at the end to try to give up two’s and not three’s. The last two shots they hit were three’s, so it was tough.”

On Terrence Jones’ play
“He’s improved. He’s starting to know his role and he’s playing really well. I’m happy for him.”

Pelicans forward Ryan Anderson
On what happened down the stretch
“They just attacked us. Coach was talking about their ability to get to the free throw line and they just attacked and drew fouls and knocked them down from the free throw line. They were really aggressive down the stretch. They made a few big plays to kind of take our lead down. It was a tough end of the game.”

On the game tempo
“It was exactly where we wanted it. We knew how to play this game tonight and we did what we wanted to. They just made better plays than us down the stretch. That’s just what happened. I think we had a great game plan and came out and played pretty well, but we didn’t play well for 48 minutes.”

Pelicans guard Tyreke Evans
On where the game turned in the fourth quarter
“I think we really didn’t execute down the stretch. It happens in games. It was a tough loss. I think we played hard, and fought, but in the fourth quarter our execution wasn’t that good. They hit some big shots, Lin hit a couple of three’s and they7 have good three point shooters. They were shooting it from far out and it was kind of tough, but they made their shots and we can’t do anything about that.”