What the New Orleans Pelicans had to say about 100-94 loss to the Trail Blazers (4/6/14)

Pelicans Coach Monty Williams
On Anthony Davis and his battling through pain
"He's just, he's sore. I try to get him out of the game because he's looking like that and as soon as I go to sub him he's like, "I'm good coach, I'm good." He's just trying to do everything he can to help his team and tonight was no different. That's why we love him. He doesn't want to let anybody down, but if he doesn't start to look better in the next couple of days, we have to make a decision on going forward. We'll go home and get him a lot of treatment in the next couple of days and see where we are."

On the separation that occurred in the third quarter
"We had really poor defensive execution and our offense kind of led to that. We took some really tough shots and turned the ball over a number of times trying to dribble into traffic and let them get into transition, which is what they do really well. So, they capitalized on our mistakes, but we did not play well after having a seven point lead at half. We came out in the third quarter and didn't have our best stuff."

On Aminu's performance tonight
"I was trying to piece it together. We've had so many obstacles in our line-up. He's done a decent job. In the first half, I thought he was really good. In the second half, inconsistent, especially at the defensive end, but he rebounds well and made some really good passes early in the game and finished around the hoop. They upped their pressure tonight and I thought that put us on our heels for sure."

Pelicans Forward Anthony Davis
On how tough it is thinking about sitting out of games
"I know they have their best interest for me. Of course I want to play and be on the floor with the guys. So, I just have to see how it is day to day."

On his level of pain tonight
"I mean, it's a back spasm, so it's tough to play through that, but I try to grind it out with these guys. As a leader of the team, I want to be on the floor and try to win every game no matter if we're going to the playoffs or not. I want to make sure that we compete and I feel like I need to be on the floor. So, that's what I'm trying to do is help the team win."

Pelicans Guard Anthony Morrow
On what changed in the third quarter
"They got off to a run. We had trouble scoring. Obviously, they made runs, so that's what they do. They're a good team. At home they're going to make runs. They hit some shots and we just didn't execute offensively in the third like we should have, but the guys really fought hard, so I'm really proud of my team. I take my hat off for my teammates, they really fought hard in the fourth quarter. We just dug ourselves too big of a hole in the third quarter."

On the condition of Anthony Davis
“He's working hard. We definitely see him out there grinding. He has so much heart, he's out there putting it all out on the line just like everybody else, but he's going to continue to work hard and we'll continue to pray for him and his back."