What the Minnesota Timberwolves had to say about 88-77 win over the Pelicans (1/29/14)

Wolves Head Coach Rick Adelman

“It’s one of those games that just seemed like there was no energy in the game, anywhere. They were short-handed but they did a nice job of controlling it, they made sure we didn’t get out on any runs. We grinded it out, made some plays in the fourth quarter, got some stops. At this point it’s a nice win.”

On Love opening up the 4th quarter

“With Pek out we really have to find a way to relieve the pressure off him. Whether it’s moving around, cause we know teams are going to come at him. They played the small lineup tonight, if he posted they doubled him. We have to find ways; we have to find ways to figure it out. So much of the time you can use him as a... I don’t want to say decoy, but play through him without really looking for him to score, but looking for somebody else and he did that tonight. The couple times with Dante on the free throw line they were looking to come at him every time, so it was a nice job. I think this is what we have to find out with Pek out, we are going to be a different team and we have to find ways to win games like this.”

On Dante being the key guy stepping up

“With Pek out for sure, cause we can play Gorgui behind Ronny and the second half I just felt they were going to play small and I was going to play Dante behind Ronny in the second half and he got it going. We need him. We need the energy and we need the energy he brings every night. I know it’s hard last year and even earlier in the year when Ronny was out and we were playing the three of those guys and now they are playing shorter minutes and he’s still has to bring the energy, even though it’s not going to be as long or whatever, we need him to bring that to us every night. I thought Luc did that tonight too, he did a nice job on Evans and Gordon both, he’s so strong, he was solid tonight.”

On the mix around rotation

“I was trying to match up with their guys with Davis out that it was going to be Gordon and it was going to be Evans, those are the main guys and we want to make sure we match up with those guys.”

How will you play Memphis’s two bigs?

“Oh boy, they are playing so well right now. Since Gasol has been back I think they have won 8 out of 9 and they beat Portland and Portland beat Houston twice. They are the team that you saw in the playoffs last year. They are going to be a real challenge for us and I think with Memphis always when we play them is you got to move the ball from side to side, you have to have answers to those two guys are in there and you’re not going to get away with anything. They have a really good defensive team, so if we play don’t play well offensive and ball hopping we are going to have a hard time with them.”

Wolves forward Kevin Love

“It felt like the first half all over again, it was just kind of up and down for us. Energy here energy there but we got the stops we needed.”

On playing without Pek

“It changed the dynamic of the team. A little bit different, different guys stepped up like I talked about in shootaround today and that’s what we needed. We are lucky they had a couple guys out for their team, but it’s like I said guys stepped up.”

Over .500, is this how you feel it’s starting to roll better?

“Yeah, the second half of the season will get better. Talk is cheap so if you go out there and prove it every single night, we have another home game here Friday, tough back to back but we just have to keep taking it day by day, if we can do that we are going to continue to get better. It took us three Wednesday’s in a row but we finally did it.”

Wolves center Ronny Turiaf
On his increased playing time:

“I just do my thing. Just go out there and try and protect the rim. I felt like I did a great job. We did a great job just mustering a win, grinding out and that’s pretty good for us.”

On the winning feeling again

“I’m going to start like this. It’s not something that just happed now or like 10 days ago. I think it’s the results of the adversity that we went through where you had that sour taste that you were trying to get rid of and you just get better at understanding what you are trying to accomplish out there and I think that’s the winning taste. Going through the pain and obstacle to understand that, you have to get better to understand what you have to sacrifice.”

Wolves guard Kevin Martin
On signs of things turning around

“I think it just shows that we can play both ways on any given night. We’ve been playing great over these last six games and we just want to continue to continue to do whatever we are doing.”

On playing with Pek out:

“I think on both ends of the court everyone has to step up. He’s such a big presence on our team and I think Ronny has been doing a great job of doing that.”

On getting over .500

“Yeah it feels good. I think the way we’ve been playing over the past last week and a half feels better than getting over the .500 point. I think we feel like we are just coming together. Get Pek back out on the court and it should be alright.”