What the Minnesota Timberwolves had to say about 124-112 win over the Pelicans (1/1/14)

Wolves Head Coach Rick Adelman

“It was a good win. Came out and played well, came out in the third quarter which is what we wanted to do. That’s a good team to play and it was a win we needed to get.”

On the physicality of the game

“I thought the first half they actually played pretty good. Fourth quarter we just put five new guys in there - what they really need to understand is that, when you have a lead, it’s not about the offense it’s about the defense and we were scoring baskets and then they were scoring within five seconds and that’s the only way they can close the gap on you. That’s just something we have to learn, we have to get back all the time. Everyone get back and make them work for a shot.”

On the difference in the third quarter

“They have been playing that way where he (Ryan Anderson) takes the bigger guy, because Davis is more active on the floor. It opens it up and takes Davis away from the basket, which is fine. He was trailing Kevin out there and that’s why we got to the rim. Because there was Pek blocked by Andersen and gives a chance to attack the basket.”

On the offense complementing the defense

“The important thing is that we had the 14-point lead and we expanded on it. And that’s what we wanted to do. Actually we let them cut it down to 24 or 22 at the end of the third quarter. It’s a sustained effort, no matter what the score is we have to sustain our effort and this group has the tendency to relax or whatever and all of a sudden the other team has it going.”

On bouncing back from the other night

“It was a big win. The team we played they are just getting these guys back. They are getting Smith back in about a week or so. They are going to be a very good team. They have big guys inside, they have a stretch four, they have guys who can attack the basket. But our guys made Tyreke work. He’s really hard to guard, he really attacks the basket. I thought Corey and Luc did a nice job trying to contain him.”

On the ball movement

“It was good. I thought we turned it over too many times. But it was good enough”

Wolves Guard J.J. Barea
On the bench

“I think we have more opportunities and we did a good job. We did a good job moving the ball and I think we need that. We need that from the bench for this team to take it to the next level. The starters have to do their job and the bench needs to have their role. You just have to get into a rhythm and then keep getting better.”

On bouncing back after Monday’s game

“It was great. It was a great effort against a good team. We reacted. We got stops and moved the ball. I think it was the first time Kevin (Love) had, what he says is a bad game for him, and we won and so I think that’s good for us.”

Wolves Guard-Forward Corey Brewer
On the need for the Wolves to have an identity

“I thought we were getting there. The last couple games we have been playing the way we should play. Getting up and down, playing a little faster. Everybody is contributing.”

On the game’s physicality

“I like when the game gets a little physical. You get into the game and get to play. I like that.”

On the advantage of having Pekovic guarded by Anderson

“It was good for us, plays to our advantage. Somebody has to guard Love out on the perimeter and someone has to guard Pek inside, so you have to pick your poison.”

Wolves Guard Ricky Rubio
On responding after Monday’s loss

“I think we set the tone from the beginning and we won the game. It was a great effort from everybody. Starting from Corey I think in the second play, going to the floor, to the bench, who had a great effort tonight to step up big too. Alexey had 10 points in what, 15 minutes. That’s things that we need if we want to be a good team. I think everyone did a great job tonight.”

“We want to look like we did tonight. It was a good team right behind us and we wanted to separate from them and go ahead and now we have the big game that we have to take home and play beautiful.”

On their advantage at the free throw line

“Like I said, we played aggressive since the start. We had a lot of free throws but because we deserve it.”

On the difficulties of guarding Pekovic and Love

“It’s two great big guys. One of the top duo of the league and we had to take advantage of that. They had to have their touches and nights like today when maybe they want to stop Kevin Love, we have another guy like Pek and he’s strong and if you don’t put a big body on him, (Pekovic is) going to destroy him. He’s doing a great job of that and he knew it today and he took advantage of that.”