What the Memphis Grizzlies had to say about 99-84 loss to the Pelicans (11/6/13)

Grizzlies Head Coach Dave Joerger
On tonight's game

“We’re trying to get it in there as much as possible. That’s always been our focus. That’s who we are as an inside team. We’re going to try and move it around and get it in there so teams can’t double it as much. We want to get our spacing improved and we’re going to work on that.

“We threw it in there. We had about five or six turnovers trying to get it in there, but we couldn’t deliver a pass. The emphasis this entire season has been to offensively move the basketball and create passing opportunities from our wings to get inside. I’m glad they’re looking in there. That’s positive. Because I think it’s been getting missed a little bit as we move the ball and they settle into some jump shots.”

On playing without key players:

“We were already so far down it didn’t matter at that point. Not to say it didn’t matter about winning or competing at that point, it was a matter of competing as hard as you can with the guys that are left. I thought they did that and I was really proud of that group that played at the end. This team we played was talented. I told our guys - and you guys were in there for the pregame - they’re extremely talented. They lost last night in a back-to-back, but they’re a young team that will push it. It’s a statement game for them as far as bouncing back from a tough loss on their home court last night. And they did that. They brought an effort, and I said we needed to match their effort and intensity early in the game and get off to a good start. It’s important for us to get off to a quick start. We were down, and down, and down and we just couldn’t get back to a point earlier in the second half where it was magical. Every mistake when you’re down 10, 12 or 14 [points]… then boom you turn it over and they run down and it’s 16 or 17 [points]. We never got to where it was five or six [points]. Then it’s a mistake or two and we can live with that. But then you get close and you get a team that’s played in a back-to-back and they get a little tight, they get a little tired in the second half so you run them down in the head a little bit, especially at home. But we just never got close enough to make it that.”

Grizzlies Guard Mike Conley
On slow start to the season:

“We are a little frustrated. If we lost tonight giving the effort that we normally give and laid it all out there, we would have been fine with that. I saw that we came back at the end, but we were never really in the game. It’s not our basketball, it’s not what our city is used to, and we can’t allow that.”

On the new offense:

“I think a lot of guys are trying to do the right thing. They’re trying to run the play all the way through. They’re trying to make the right decisions, but I think we just need to stop thinking so much and just play. We’ve all played this game for so many years and we know how to play together. We know how to play the game of basketball. Once we start over-thinking, we start moving slower.”

On hearing boos from the crowd:

“It hurts a lot. It hurts a lot because we’ve come a long way. We’ve come a very long way in my six years here and I remember the boos as a rookie and my second and third year. I don’t ever want to go back to it. A lot of these guys who are new on this team don’t remember and weren’t a part of that, but me, it brings back those memories. I definitely get angry and want to do better. We don’t want that to happen and hopefully these guys on this team will feel the same way and we’ll go back to practice and get better.”

On Golden State:

“First off, we can’t sit here and think that we’re the same team as last year. We don’t have the status. We haven’t done anything. We’ve got to prove it all over again. We’ve got to be able to beat New Orleans. If we have a chance at beating Golden State, we have to beat a team like New Orleans who’s up-and-coming and good, but Golden State is going to being a real test. It’s going to be a real test for us. For us to do that, we have to forget about last year, forget about the year before, and think about that team who had to prove everything and had to play with that chip on their shoulder. It’s going to be a pivotal point in this year. It’s a big game, a very good team who can score a lot of points, a team that people picked above us and plan to do a lot of big things. We’ve got to come in and bring our “A” game, bring that intensity, that fire that we’re used to bringing. Especially defensively, I could care less about offense right now. We need to just get back to our defensive mindset and the offense will come later.”

Grizzlies Center Marc Gasol
On starting slow:

“We’ve just got to play better, play more as a unit and help each other. We have to make each other’s jobs a little easier, create for other people, keep working, and do not let down. We just have to stick together and keep playing the way we know how to play, but more consistently. We play a few minutes and make three or four turnovers and we kind of hang our heads a little bit. We need to be more patient and keep playing the right way and just don’t let down. When we let down, it gets tougher and we get away from who we are as a team.”

On the new offense:

“I think our guys just need to see the play and make the play and don’t think so much. Just see what is there and if you don’t have it just move it and maybe someone else will get it. It’s just a basketball game. If someone doesn’t take a shot, it’s not the worst thing in the world. As long as we keep moving the ball and doing the right thing, somebody else is going to get a shot. We’re trying to move fast and think faster. If you don’t take a shot, just keep moving it and keep creating for someone else.”