What the Memphis Grizzlies had to say about 95-92 loss to the Pelicans (1/20/14)

Grizzlies Head Coach Dave Joerger
On the game

“It got away from us a week ago. We played against Milwaukee and we threw Jamaal Franklin and James Johnson in the fourth quarter to go save us. We had walked around, didn’t play hard enough and Milwaukee played harder than we did. That group came in and we won six, seven or eight minutes. We came in and walked around against Sacramento. We walked around and walked around. We didn’t play hard until the last six minutes of the game where we went like crazy. We escaped with a win. We came into tonight and we walked around and walked around. We are not going to play better until we play harder. We have to play harder, we have to run harder, we have to screen harder and we have to defend harder from first minute of the game. We cannot try and wait until there are five or six minutes left in the game and try to go like crazy. If you want me to get specific, they had a lot of great performances. Anthony Davis is going to be a tremendous player in this league. Tyreke Evans, we struggled to stay in front of. Both James Johnson and Tayshaun Prince were the two guys I had on him. He did a good job of getting to the rim. There is a reason they gave him the money that they gave him. He is really good, as we all know here in Memphis. He was a tough matchup for us. Eric Gordon started out aggressive early. He tried to set the tone early in the game. By and large, they got the energy stuff. They got all the loose balls, all the long rebounds. They came out of timeouts and got all the way to the rims and shot layups. We didn’t lose the game in the last play we lost the game way before then. I’m not trying to be negative, that’s the real truth.”

On Zach Randolph

“It’s hard for him. It’s hard slogging. They have a lot of length. He did a great job of getting it off the glass. He was getting offensive rebounds and putbacks. He struggled a little bit more when we took it to the side and just threw it to him. Where they just tried to stay between him and the basket and use their size. They did a good job of digging down. I don’t that we made enough shots to really make them pay. We were swinging the basketball around. He was pretty good. The turnovers just tortured us. That’s the bottom line. We had like 10 in the first quarter and like 13 at halftime, or whatever. We didn’t turn them over. For us to get two steals in a game is just indicative. That tells you the whole story.”

On Marc Gasol

“We are a different team. We are trying to figure out Mike Conley’s space to play. It is a lot less than it was before. Our pace up and down the floor is slower. We are playing deeper into clocks. It just takes a little bit of time. Certainly we will get it figured out. As great of a passer as he is, he struggled. He had a couple of turnovers. Where those were just not plays that he would normally makes. He like never misses. The guy is amazing. He just needs to find his timing. He is trying to adjust to us too as much as we are trying to adjust to him. We are just trying to integrate him back in and make it smooth.”

Grizzlies forward James Johnson
On the game

“We just came out flat today. We had a lot of turnovers early. We had 13 at the half. It’s hard to win like that. We’ve been cutting it close now for the last few games. I wouldn’t call it a setback but more of a wakeup call. We can’t come in slow. We can’t come in playing at the level of our opponents. That’s going to either get us blown out or it’s just going to keep coming down to the wire like this against teams we should be beating. All of us struggled today, and no one really had a good game.”

On Marc Gasol

“It’s not really about his (Marc Gasol) offense. He knows how to make us win the game. He’s going to plug the hole that we need regardless if it’s on the defensive end diving on the floor. Just because he’s not making shots doesn’t mean he’s not helping us win out there.”

On Anthony Davis

“He had a couple key blocks. He’s a good player, but I don’t think he altered or changed how we were playing. I think it was just all us today.”

On getting team energy back

“I think today just did the trick. No one likes to lose, especially a big game like this, a big day like this for Memphis, for our Grizzlies fans. Take heed of what happened and try to fix it tomorrow at practice.”

Grizzlies center Marc Gasol
On the game

“It wasn’t the best game offensively or defensively. We couldn’t get a lot of things going for us on both ends. That was hard.”

On bouncing back from the loss

“Just like when we win, it doesn’t matter anymore. You have to play the next game. When you lose, it’s the same mentality. There’s no way around it. We have three days to get ready for Houston. We’re going to play them twice, and after that the schedule gets pretty tough. So we have to get ready, we know that.”

Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph
On the game

“We just have to keep playing. We have to get stops. Our defense was horrible tonight.”