What the Memphis Grizzlies had to say about 104-98 loss to the Pelicans (12/13/13)

Grizzlies Head Coach Dave Joerger
On the game

“We played (well) in the first half offensively. The ball was moving and we got good looks. The second half we didn’t cut and we didn’t screen. They became the aggressors and that’s the way it went.”

On Jrue Holiday and Ryan Anderson

“(They are a) Good team on the perimeter. Holiday and Anderson are two really good guards. Between them they make 25 million a year so you know they’re good. When you give him (Anderson) so much respect as a pick and pop guy there’s times where Holiday and (Eric) Gordon are able to make plays because we were trying to get out to Ryan Anderson so quickly that the gaps become big and those guys take advantage of those gaps.”

On Mike Conley

“I think Mike Conley played really hard and played his little tail off.”

Grizzlies guard Mike Conley
On the Pelicans 3rd quarter run

“We didn’t convert easy opportunities we had, then after a while those easy looks went away. We started fighting against the clock, and they began hitting shots. We let them dictate the flow of the game.”

On the Pelicans back court

“They get a lot of space because of Ryan Anderson. When you go out to defend the three, it leaves big lanes for the guards. Even without Anderson they do a great job of penetrating to defense.”

Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph
On the second half run

“We just couldn’t score, then they just hit their shots.”

On what the Pelicans did differently, after the Grizzlies hot start

“They began doubling me, but we just didn’t hit the shot we had. I only took about three shots in the third quarter. I just need to be more aggressive.”