What the Magic had to say about 100-92 loss to the Pelicans (1/26/14)

Magic Coach Jacque Vaughn
On missed second chance opportunities and an inability to get stops when needed
“I think that was the total picture of tonight. Three areas that hurt us. We turned the ball over, let them get to the free throw line, and (allowed) offensive rebounds.”

On not having Nikola Vucevic
“Extremely tough. Everyone has to be involved and help us out while we don’t have Nik (Vucevic).”

On pre-game concerns about Anthony Davis
“I prefer not to be proven correct, if that’s OK. He’s a great talent and he played tonight. He was trouble for us throughout the course of the night.”

On playing well enough to win
“Overall, the majority of the points came from things that we can handle ourselves. Those three areas that I just mentioned can be handled by ourselves.”

Magic Forward Kyle O’Quinn
On second chance points
“We talked about it a lot in the pre-game. That was an area we had to be concerned about and they went to their strength. We will probably have to deal with it the next game because they have good rebounding bigs, such as (Andre) Drummond, (Greg) Monroe and (Josh) Smith. So we have to take this as a learning experience and tackle that area.”

On playing against Anthony Davis
“He’s long, athletic and long. He’s very active. We’ve slowed him down before on the offensive glass, but tonight, he had his way with us.”

On making the game close at the end
“Remember that we are playing them at their home gym, so it’s going to be a little tougher. But no matter how close we got it, they managed to separate. They had their foot on the gas. We have to overcome that in these next games.”

Magic Forward Tobias Harris
On second chance points
“Second chance points was probably the name of the game for them. It takes a collective effort night in and night out to focus on that. That was probably the major point of the game today.”

On playing against Anthony Davis
“We just have to keep bringing it. We know where to be looking for a look at the jump shot on the perimeter, so just keep bringing it and keep being aggressive. Those layups we had would begin to fall for us and we saw that as an area we could score.”

On the turnovers
“I just see us as a team make a couple of plays that were not beneficial for us down the stretch. Plays that hurt us. And defensively, we didn’t do anything to stop them. It’s hard to win a game that way when you don’t convert and don’t get stops.”