What the Indiana Pacers had to say about 95-90 win over Pelicans (10/30/13)

Pacers Coach Frank Vogel:
On the come-from-behind win:

“We stuck with it and had a big fourth quarter; it was a big time win for us.”

On the Pacers’ starters:

“Paul (George) came up with some big plays in the end. Our rim protectors came up big and had nine blocks which helped us come through with the victory.”

On opening the season with back-to-back games:

“It was a big win for our team in a back to back. We had to overcome some adversity. This is what our team has to do to win games on the road and take that next step.”

Pacers Guard/Forward Paul George:
On slow starts this season:

“We didn’t expect them to come out with that pressure. We knew they were going to give it their all to start the game off. Coach Monty (Williams) really had them ready to go, and it took us a while to get comfortable and to impact them and get into our sets. Once we did, we’ve always been a good second-half team, and that’s probably our only fault is not coming out and playing with the same aggression. But we just found a way to win this game tonight.”

On the impact of Roy Hibbert’s foul trouble:

“It impacted it a lot. This team, their ability to get to the rim and make plays is what makes them tough. They’ve got unbelievable guards, probably one of the best guard tandems in this league. Their ability to get to the rim is good no matter what defense we were playing. They were still able to attack and get to the basket, and Roy is always there to protect that. Not having him out there just forced Ian (Mahinmy) to step up and (Luis) Scola and (David) West to step up.”

Pacers Center Roy Hibbert:
On early foul trouble:

“I just didn’t do a good job of playing smart on the defensive end. Coach left me in in the third quarter, he said he’d let me keep going until the six minute mark. I told him I’d give it my all, try to be the first one down the court, get in the post and create as many opportunities as I can on the offensive end through offensive rebounding or getting my teammates open. Defensively I just wanted to be a presence down there and make sure nothing easy came.”

On the second-half comeback:

“In the second half, we just gritted our teeth and said ‘You know what? We’re just going to get it done.’ We had stops and it came down to the wire, but we just wanted to show road toughness and we played through adversity. Usually you don’t see that until later in the season, but we did it tonight.”