What the Hawks had to say about 111-105 loss to the Pelicans (3/21/14)

Hawks Coach Mike Budenholzer
On the game
“We’ve been making progress defensively. I thought tonight, in a lot of different areas, we weren’t as good as we need to be defensively. In particular, fouling. Obviously at the end of the game, there were a lot of intentional fouls. Prior to that, I think they had been to the free throw line 30, 31, 32 times before we started fouling them (intentionally). They were on pace for a 30-point fourth quarter. At the end of the third quarter and the start of the fourth quarter, our defense didn’t execute. We didn’t get stops. Luke Babbitt came in and hurt us. He made a couple of big shots that really changed the game. Obviously Anthony Davis was very good all night. It was just a night where collectively, as a group, we didn’t play our best. We didn’t play well. So it’s on us now to move forward and get ready to play on Sunday.”

On Babbitt’s three’s in the fourth
“They ran some pick-and-rolls and collapsed our defense. He was open. They deserve some credit for getting inside the paint and finding the open guy. Then he stepped up and made the shots.”

Hawks Forward DeMarre Carroll
On the game
“We just didn’t give the effort we needed to give. We weren’t aggressive. It backfired on us tonight.”

On Luke Babbitt
“He was big. He was picking and popping. We weren’t really getting our defensive coverages. That’s not the reason we lost. When we were up, we should’ve stepped on their throats. But we kept playing around and they came back.”

Hawks Forward Mike Scott
On the loss
“Our defense went down. That’s about it. We couldn’t defend. I think they had a (42) point fourth quarter. That says it right there.”

On Luke Babbitt
“He just came out shooting. That was probably bad coverage on our part. We just have to watch film and learn from it.”

Hawks Guard Jeff Teague
On Luke Babbitt
“He came out playing at the end of the third and beginning of the fourth. He made some big shots. The team stretched the floor for him. That’s what changed the game.”