What the Denver Nuggets had to say about 111-107 OT loss to the Pelicans (3/9/14)

Nuggets Head Coach Brian Shaw
On what led to the loss

“(They had) 18 offensive rebounds, 27 turnovers. You can’t turn the ball over that many times and allow that many rebounds. They got 26 second chances and 18 rebounds, so 27 opportunities were denied. I take my hat off to Monty (Williams) and his team. They got down early but they just kept pecking away at it, pecking away at it and they got back in the game.”

On improvements moving forward

“We’ve just got to do a better job of taking care of the ball, and our role mentality, the things we talk about when you’re playing your role. Fundamentally, boxing out and doing the things that we need to do to win this type of game.”

On cause of turnovers

“We got some turnovers on offensive fouls, I think one on an illegal screen, one or two on an illegal screen being set, but the rest of them were just reckless turnovers. We can’t turn the ball over at that rate and expect to win the game.”

Nuggets Forward Kenneth Faried
On when the game was lost

“It wasn’t the end, it was the third quarter. We let them get back in the game. It’s something about us and this team this year, we don’t have that killer instinct quite yet. We’re trying to develop it, but we have develop it fast or it’s too little, too late.”

On what turned the tide of the game in the third quarter

“It was us, our turnovers. We started turning the ball over and they started just going to the offensive boards and crashing and got everything. We have to continue to do what we were doing in that first half that was working for us, get the rebound, one-and-done, run the ball. Just try to outscore them, because we were playing great defense, but we just started getting stagnant offensively and turning the ball over, and we can’t have that.”

Nuggets Guard Aaron Brooks
On the missed opportunity

“It was a big game. We were building up momentum and playing better basketball. We were up 11 going into half and we just didn’t execute with careless turnovers.”