What the Bucks had to say about 112-104 loss to the Pelicans (3/7/14)

Bucks Coach Larry Drew
On Anthony Davis’ performance
“I thought he played really well. He’s a really good player. He can do it inside. He can do it outside. Defensively, he’s real long around the basket. He blocks shots. He had a good game.”

On the key to the loss
“Well, the game, I thought it was right there, but we let Anthony Morrow get away from us. He made some shots going down the stretch. They had a big 4th quarter. I thought a lot of it was him making shots. Very similar to our last time we played this team. Again, not taking anything away from individuals, but we go into the game and we have a game plan against (Anthony) Davis and Tyreke Evans and (Eric) Gordon and guys like that. It’s the guys off the bench who end up hurting us. First time we played them, it was (Alexis) Ajinca, this time I thought Morrow came in and I thought his play decided the game.”

Bucks Forward John Henson
On playing against Anthony Davis
"He's tough, he's tough man. Just as far as the activity, they run a lot of stuff where they pull out the side on a pick and roll for him. He attacks or he shoots the jump shot, and that's kind of what they got going over there and it really helped to push the lead up to where we couldn't come back.”

On the play of Jeff Adrien after you got into foul trouble
“He's been a sparkplug ever since he's got here just rebounding and fighting, and I think he's a great addition for us, especially with the bigs that we have down. Hopefully he can keep that up and keep it going. He was aggressive. He attacked the basket. He didn't have many plays run for him, but he attacked when he had a chance and when you play like that and I think his confidence is building up, this is what happens.”

Bucks Forward Jeff Adrien
On settling into his role with the team
“Just understanding my spots, where to help the team score, helping teammates to find me when I’m open. I’ve just been a student of the game, watching film, stuff like that.”

On scoring a career-high for the second consecutive game
“I wish we had the wins these past two nights, but unfortunately we didn’t. I just take pride in my ability to go out there and try to help my teammates win a game.”