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February 4, 2010

Hey Hornets fans! DC here with another blog entry. Its been a little while and theres a lot of stuff to talk about especially how we played in January.

The team really came together and won a bunch of games last month (12) and Im glad to have been a part of that. Now we have a new challenge with CP3 out for a little while Im ready to pick up the slack and keep this team on track towards the playoffs. A lot of people are telling me that Ive been playing really well whenever Chris is injured I guess I just know Im not going to come off the floor much. When you come off the bench, you have limited time out there and when youre a starter you dont look over your shoulder at the bench as much. Its the same game, no doubt, but the minutes are a different situation.

We had a game the other night in Memphis and came back from 21 points down. I dont remember a game where my team came back like that. That experience in Memphis showed me how resilient we are. Anybody can win any game; you just have to keep playing until the final buzzer. Thats a difference from college its definitely harder to come back in college. Theres shorter time there and here in the league there are so many more possessions. We were all right behind each other and we all fought and we all played some big-time basketball down the stretch. That was a great game.

Of course, the Saints are the talk of the town. Its crazy here. This is one of the most supportive cities for a team that Ive witnessed. I was in a restaurant for a regular season game, not even a playoff game, and everyone started going crazy. I was like, why are they going so crazy? The Saints had just gotten a first down. Not even a touchdown! Just a first down and they were nuts! It just shows you how supportive the New Orleans fans are with their teams, so the city has been great to play for and live in.

The All-Star break is coming up and itll be a nice break for us. I havent really ever lived away from home before, so Ill get a chance to go home and talk to my parents and visit relatives and relax. I will definitely be watching the All-Star weekend and then the game on Sunday. I think Peja should have been in this years three-point contest hes one of the greatest shooters in the league. In the dunk contest, I like Nate Rob to win it again but I think Shannon Brown is going to have some tough stuff to match up with. If there was a guy on our squad Id want out there, it would definitely be Juju. Hes done some crazy stuff in warm-ups and practices this year. Definitely Juju.

December 4, 2009

Hey Hornets fans! Im Marcus Thornton and this is the Hornets rookie blog I know DC (Darren Collison) came on here earlier to tell you about how he was doing. The cool thing for both of us now is that we are winning some games and both of us are helping out the team.

My first real breakout game was when I scored 20 points against the Blazers on Nov. 13 we lost that game, so it didnt really matter that I played well, but it did feel good to sort of begin to break out a little bit and get some freedom going in my game. It was great it felt real good to do that in the league. It was nice to come out of that shell and put up a couple of points to help the team. Ive had some good games since then and its cool to do some scoring thats probably what Im best at in the NBA.

DC and I have had some attention from fans and media about being rookies we always have to carry around these Disney bags and stuff. We also had to do some dancing and different things in the summer, but its cool. With the rookie stuff that we have to do, youve just got to do it. Youve got to pay your dues. Once you do it and do what youve got to do, its all good.

So far, being on the road with the team has been real cool. Weve been to New York, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami and Atlanta, among other stops along the way. On the court, its hard to pull out road wins in the league, but just seeing different places, hanging out with the guys, going from city to city, its been everything that I dreamed of.

October 16, 2009

Hey Hornets fans! Darren Collison here Ill be writing a little bit about my life in the NBA this season. As you have probably figured out, Im one of two rookies this year, along with Marcus Thornton from LSU. Im from California and went to UCLA for four years. Our team made three Final Fours while I was there, so, hopefully, I can bring in a winning attitude and try to help out the Hornets however I can.

There werent any rookies on last years team, so I think were getting the rookie treatment for two years worth. In Lafayette at training camp, the team made Marcus and me dance and sing Single Ladies by Beyonce in front of about 800 fans during the teams open practice! Check out the video of us breaking it down - its funny stuff! At first it was embarrassing, but then when they started encouraging us it became a little bit more fun. Its all fun and games, anyway, Ive just never had to do anything like that before. Hopefully our team comes together and we can use the experiences however embarrassing they might be! to help us win a bunch of games this year.

Julian Wright, who was the teams last rookie two years ago, tried to let us know a little bit about what its like being a rookie in the NBA, but you cant really prepare for it unless you just do it. It doesnt matter who tells us what its like, youve just got to experience it. Its a time Im sure Ill remember for the rest of my life!

Like, the veterans will be cool with you, start laughing with you and the next thing you know, theyll have you do something. The guys are constantly planning practical jokes, but hey, thats all a part of being a Hornets rookie.

Our season has started with some preseason games coming up, but for us, every day weve just got to watch our back. When we go in the locker room they might try to pull something on us. I cant wait to see what these guys have in store for us!

Until next time, Geaux Hornets and wish me luck with these wily vets!

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