Picture This: Ryan Rodgers and Youth Group

Pelicans Fans Share the Stories Behind Their Photos

By: Blake Moore, Pelicans.com

This past season New Orleans Pelicans fans were able to submit photos to a Pelicans Nation photo wall on Pelicans.com by using the hashtag #TakeFlight or #Pelicans. We visited with a number of these fans to talk about their love of Pelicans basketball and to get the story behind their photo.

This past February, Youth Pastor Ryan Rodgers took two of his youth group members, Colby and Tyler Rhodes, to the NBA All-Star Jam Session. All three are loyal fans that attend New Orleans Pelicans games regularly. They were thrilled to see an All-Star Jam Session and share a story behind their photo.

“We were excited the All-Star team was in town and that it was representing New Orleans,” Rodgers said. “We thought it would be awesome to go check it out and see how well the Pelicans could host something like that on the grand scale for the NBA and it was so cool.”

Throughout the event, they experienced multiple activities and also were able to win some prizes.

“They had a basketball court where you went through a course and were able to shoot hoops,” Colby said. “I really liked that.”

“I really enjoyed the basketball cards. They had a bunch of cool ones that we got to keep,” Tyler said. “It was a little souvenir and I still have those.”

A moment they all remembered was Tyler being chosen from the crowd to go down to a court. He participated in a game with a few Hall of Fame basketball players for the chance to win a prize.

Although Tyler didn’t win, he enjoyed the experience. On another note, Colby was thrown a free T-shirt while cheering from the stands.

“Pretty much every picture that I took this year at a game, I tried to hashtag it TakeFlight,” Rodgers said.

This night was no different for the three fans as they eagerly took a picture with Pelicans mascot Pierre.

“When we walked into … there was Pierre almost immediately,” Rodgers said. “He was just taking pictures and we had to do it. It was really cool.”

All three fans said they believe the Pelicans are headed in the right direction in 2014-2015.

“It’s always fun to go to games and be able to watch the players and see the live action,” Tyler said. “Wearing your memorabilia, being part of the culture, being part of New Orleans and feeling like you fit in is my favorite part.”