Names Behind the Games: Kevin Brewer
By: Calder Hynes,
August 23, 2011

Desktop Support Specialist Kevin Brewer may be one of the most valuable members of the entire Hornets organization, and I say that not simply because my internet privileges and computer access rest in his hands.

Or maybe, that is exactly why Brewer and his department are such an integral part of the puzzle that comes together to form a functioning workplace: because they deal with technological aspects that affect every member of the organization and assure that day-to-day activities that many take for granted run smoothly.

I get to deal with employees who work at the New Orleans Arena, the front office personnel whose offices are at the (Hornets practice facility) Alario Center, and people at our downtown offices. I assist everyone, from the executive management, to the coaches on down.

Brewer, who has been with the organization for just over two years after beginning with the club during the playoff run of 2009, has been a dedicated worker from the start, evidenced by being named Rookie of the Year in 2009-10 as best new member of the organization and following that up with an All-Star award this past year as an outstanding member of his department.

His enthusiasm for the Hornets was in place well before he was hired by the team, and he believes his passion and knowledge of basketball were factors that ultimately helped get him hired. I have been coming to games since the Hornets moved to New Orleans, he said. I started going with friends tickets, but the atmosphere was so entertaining and exciting that I became a season ticket holder myself in 2007-08.

A testament to his fandom, Brewer was even selected to be featured in the Season Ticket Holder Spotlight in Hornets Magazine the same year he was eventually hired, based on his passionate submission about his love for the team.

Now on the other side of the curtain, Brewers personality and zeal have translated into his work, which includes everything from assisting other employees with their computers and company cell phones to maintaining office copiers and printers.

I love helping people, he remarks. The questions I get the most are Do I bother you the most? Do you hate when I call? Is my question stupid? I dont fully know what other people do in their departments, so I dont expect them to know everything about computers or what I do.

Although he would never admit it, I think the stupidest question he has ever been asked was one I offered during the course of the interview for this article when I inquired Why do you love working for the Hornets? Its apparent to me now that the answer is pretty clear.

More from Brewer on his background and time with the Hornets:

During the 2009-10, myself and (Senior Network and Systems Administrator) Christian Green went on a road trip with the team to Memphis and New Jersey to meet with their IT staffs to see how they operate and what ideas we could take back. We got to experience the team plane, staying at the team hotel and seeing the fans greeting you when you arrived. The whole experience made me feel like a superstar!

Being a sports fan, coming to work every day is fun. The atmosphere is totally different from any other job. I can honestly say that I like working with everyone in the organization. Everyone is great to talk to. When Im helping people, its more like having a conversation with them than work. Every day is not the same. Its a different challenge every day and its not monotonous.

During games, my department is totally responsible for the two main courtside stat laptops that control a variety of things. Information that goes to things like the scoreboard, television feed, printed stats, etc., all comes from those two computers. If anything goes wrong, we immediately get a phone call and have to resolve the issue.

I was born in New Orleans and grew up in Metairie. I attended Archbishop Rummel High School and went on to the University of New Orleans, where I studied management information systems. Out of college I worked for a direct mailing and printing company, and in 2004 I got a job with ASI Federal Credit Union working with their application support until I got the job with the Hornets in April 2009.

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