Interview with Anthony Davis
June 28, 2012

Q. If you could start with an opening remark about your career and skills and such.
ANTHONY DAVIS: Yeah, undescribable right now. A great feeling, great experience, I've wanted this all my life, so it's finally here. To be drafted No. 1 overall meanings a lot to me, for a 19‑year‑old freshman, now professional. The City of New Orleans was great, I had a great time when I went to visit. I just can't wait to get down there and start to play.

Q. Congratulations on being the No. 1 draft pick. What do you think your biggest adjustment is going to be going from the college game to the pro game?
ANTHONY DAVIS: The physicality. Guys are a lot stronger in the NBA and I know that's one of my weaknesses, so I try to make it a strength, stay in the weight room, try to get tougher.

Q. Talk about how your defensive intensity and skill set will really help this team win games quickly?
ANTHONY DAVIS: Yeah, I just have to come in and play defense. I know they are a defensive‑oriented team and I love to play defense, and that's what the coaches stress a lot. I think my defensive ability, I think we can do a great job with defending guys. At the same time, still got to put points on the board so make sure we work hard every day, stay in the gym and just keep working.

Q. Anthony, how important is it for the Hornets to retain Eric Gordon, and will you play a part in convincing him to stay in New Orleans?
ANTHONY DAVIS: I'm not sure a rookie can do that. I don't think I have that much power. But he's a great player. They told me he's one of the best players off the dribble. Very guardable off the dribble, great shooter, very athletic. Great to play alongside him in the Hornets and I hope he stays.

Q. Talk about the business side of this, how difficult was it selecting an agent, how about sifting through endorsement offers and how has that process been?
ANTHONY DAVIS: It's been going well so far. I wanted to choose an agent who was family and who I trusted and they won't take advantage of me. I thought Washington Media Group was the best decision for me. As far as endorsements, still working on the endorsements and still working on the shoe contract but I think everything will fall into place.

Q. Is "the brow" going to be part of that endorsement?
ANTHONY DAVIS: Most definitely. Unless I cut it off.

Q. In the one‑and‑done era, a lot of guys are the pre‑ordained picks coming out of high school and college is almost a filler; how have you changed in the last year as a player and how did your year at Kentucky affect you?
ANTHONY DAVIS: As far as a player, I think I changed a lot. I think I became more of a leader, more mature, developed a post game I didn't have going into Kentucky. Kentucky really helped me a lot. Coach Cal is a great coach. He coached in the pros before, so it helped me, as well, to become pro‑ready. He runs his practices in the program as a pro team, and I think me going to Kentucky really helped me become prepared.

Q. Now that the moment got here and it really happened, can you describe and take us through it, comparing it to how the dream might have been?
ANTHONY DAVIS: The dream, you just sit there at night, just thinking about it, waiting for the day to come, when it will actually happen. I told myself I wasn't going to be nervous, just going to relax when I was at that table; David Stern said, "New Orleans is on the clock, five minutes," and I started shaking. Just hit me right then and there. My arm was shaking and my hands were sweaty. Got up and hugged Michael, my best friend, wanted to hug him for a minute. One of my best friends, when my name got called, wanted to make sure he stayed close. The reality of it hit.

Q. Just your reaction to being from the first school that ever got the first two picks in any NBA Draft?
ANTHONY DAVIS: It's crazy. Michael is a great player. We have two down and four more to go. Hopefully all of them will go in the first round.

Q. What was your day like, even though this was expected; were you a bundle of nerves all day or pretty calm?
ANTHONY DAVIS: Oh, yeah, I tried to sleep. Couldn't sleep. Couldn't eat lunch. We had lunch with the Commissioner. Couldn't eat lunch. I was just anxious. Just ready, I kept looking at my suit, putting it on, had it on one time before that and took it back off. Just ready for the day. Now it's finally here and it finally happened.

Q. What did new owner Tom Benson have to say to you leading up to the Draft and your big day?
ANTHONY DAVIS: He didn't say much. He told me about the new practice facility; New Orleans is a great city and trying to get it back on the map after everything that happened there. He said he would love to have me there. That's what really made me nervous.

Q. What did your new coach have to say?
ANTHONY DAVIS: He's very excited. He's excited about the team, ready to get back in the gym. He loves basketball. Great guy. He's a great guy, great Christian guy, and I think he can take us a long way.

Q. Isiah and Hardaway and Dwyane Wade, seems like all of these great players from Chicago; what's your thought on it?
ANTHONY DAVIS: Chicago has great basketball players. I think it's one of the top two cities for basketball. Just go out there and work hard. The city has done well in the NBA and I just have to keep the legacy going.

Q. Do you see yourself as the kind of person who would enjoy the spotlight, doing the commercials and endorsements? Is that something that's comfortable or you'll need to learn a little bit?
ANTHONY DAVIS: Pretty comfortable. Like I said, at Kentucky we had it all the time, especially the six who played, we had the spotlight all the time. I think it really prepared me. But I know the NBA is a whole different level, new world and I think I'm pretty prepared for it.

Q. Will you also talk about the eyebrows and the decision?
ANTHONY DAVIS: My parents and agent came to me with the idea about the trademark and I thought it was a great idea. Seems there's no point of the other guys making money off what's yours, so I thought it would be a great idea and we decided to go through with it.

Q. What part of your game do you think you'll be able to showcase in the NBA that you didn't have the opportunity to showcase at Kentucky with so much talent there?
ANTHONY DAVIS: I'm not sure what my coach needs me to do. He might want me to play like the way I played at Kentucky, I'm not sure. If he wants me to do something different, or if I have any weaknesses, make it my strength. I'm ready to just go there and have fun.

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