If You Could Ask Monty Williams One Question...
By: Jim Eichenhofer,, @Jim_Eichenhofer
February 7, 2012

New Orleans Hornets team president Hugh Weber recently held a contest on Twitter (@hughweber1) in which fans were prompted to answer this query: If you could ask Monty Williams one question, what would it be? The fans who sent in the most creative responses were given free tickets to a home game. That wouldve been the end of the story except we decided to take some of those interesting questions from fans directly to Williams to find out how he would answer. Here was the result:

From @GeauxHornets: Which players on our team remind you or yourself and in what way? Also, from @RealTOdoubleD: Which player on the Hornets would you most compare yourself to?
Williams: Gosh, we dont have anybody who played like I did. It would probably be a combination of Al-Farouq, Gustavo and Greivis all three of those guys together.

From @LSUtiga21: Could you take Dell Demps in a game of one-on-one?
Williams: Yes. And I used to do it all the time in San Antonio. [smiles] I dont play very much now.

From @blandry1212: What can the fans do to help this team stay positive and continue to play hard game in and game out?
Williams: They can just come out and support the guys. The ones who do come, I really appreciate them and their support. For the ones who arent coming, I wish they would come on out, because were going to get going. Were going to get this turned around, and when we do, its going to be a lot of fun.

From @jburle5: How do you yell at a guy like Gustavo Ayon who doesnt even speak the same language?
Williams: What I do is, I yell at Greivis, and then Greivis yells at Gustavo. [smiles]

From @DLeBoeuf84: Who is your favorite player of all time to watch and why?
Williams: I probably couldnt pinpoint all the guys, but obviously I loved Michael Jordan. And Len Bias was a guy who was from my hometown and from my county. He was certainly a guy I looked up to when I was younger.

From @w0211593: How did your experiences as a player with health problems help you in your coaching career with player injuries?
Williams: I just know what its like. I can relate to guys. I know what its like to get your knee drained and have to play a game, or to play with broken bones, a broken nose, chipped teeth, the flu, all that stuff. You just have a different experience level that most people dont have, because they havent had to deal with it.

From @Ddonov3: If you could spend a day to learn as much as you can from a basketball legend (living or passed away), who would it be and why?
Williams: I would probably go spend a day with Dean Smith. Ive heard hes a genius. Hes forgotten more than most of us will ever know. Id love to go watch him work a basketball camp, or spend time talking to him, and have him break down one of our games.

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