Share 1-on-1: Phoenix's Robin Lopez
By: Calder Hynes,
April 8, 2011 caught up with Phoenix Suns center Robin Lopez prior to Fridays game at the New Orleans Arena.

Lopez is now in his third NBA season with the Suns, who selected the 7-footer after two years at Stanford with the 15th pick in the 2008 NBA Draft. The 22-year-old has already started 90-plus games for the Suns, averaging over six points and three rebounds with almost a block per game, while making an appearance in last years playoffs. The North Hollywood, Calif., native (who also lived in Washington and Fresno, Calif., growing up) even has a close relationship with a member of the Hornets roster: You played on the same high school team (San Joaquin Memorial in Fresno) as Hornets rookie Quincy Pondexter (as well as your twin brother Brook, the starting center for the New Jersey Nets). What was playing with Quincy like and have you kept in touch with him since high school?
Lopez: Playing together in high school was a great time and we do still stay in touch. We stayed in touch when we were in college (Robin at Stanford and Quincy at Pac-10 rival Washington) and we continue to now that were both in the NBA. You, Quincy and your brother Brook are all now playing in the NBA. How good was your team in high school?
Lopez: The season before our senior year, we actually went undefeated. How much do you and your brother talk during the season, and do you ever share information about opponents?
Lopez: We talk often, but not really about basketball. I guess we try to get away from basketball a little bit when we talk to each other. March Madness recently concluded this season and you are a veteran of the NCAA tournament, having made the postseason in both of your seasons in college. What is your favorite memory of the big dance?
Lopez: It would have to be when our coach Trent Johnson got thrown out of our second-round game against Marquette (in 07-08), and my brother Brook hit a game-winning shot. Speaking of Trent Johnson, he is now the head coach down the road at LSU. What are your memories of him as a coach?
Lopez: He was a great guy and a great coach. From an outsiders perspective, the Suns seem like a fun-loving, loose group of players. Describe what its like playing with this group of guys.
Lopez: We obviously have a bunch of great guys on the team. When we get down, we dont try to drag each other down, we try to pick each other up. We try to have fun, we try to hang lose, and I think that shows on the court. It is well known that you are a movie buff and have an affinity toward Disney films. Do you have a favorite among the Disney collection?
Lopez: The obvious answer is Robin Hood, because when youre younger and you share a name with any character in anything - hey, that guy has my name, Robin! - you will be drawn to it. Finally, is there an embarrassing story about Quincy that he wouldnt want his teammates or fans to know about?
Special guest contributor, Suns guard Aaron Brooks (who played against Quincy in college while at the University of Oregon): He had a press conference after his freshman year saying he was going back to college. That was pretty embarrassing; I think everyone already knew he should have gone back to college. Ask him about that.
Lopez: One of his nicknames in high school that everyone called him was Snuffaluffagus. The reason?
Lopez: You can ask him about that one.

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