Share 1-on-1: Minnesota's Kevin Love
By: Jim Eichenhofer,
February 7, 2011 caught up with Minnesota All-Star power forward Kevin Love prior to Mondays game in the New Orleans Arena. Love and the Timberwolves have been behind some of the most creative videos in the NBA over the past few seasons, including the recent NUMB#RS cologne campaign that trumpeted the third-year players All-Star candidacy.

Although Love was not initially selected as an All-Star reserve by Western Conference head coaches, the leagues leading rebounder was added to the roster by NBA commissioner David Stern, as a replacement for the injured Yao Ming. grilled Love with a series of questions about three of the viral videos he and the Timberwolves have produced during his NBA career. What has it been like for you the last few days, after finding out on Friday that youd been named to the West All-Star team? It seems like you were interviewed by every outlet that covers the NBA this weekend.
Love: Yes, its been hectic, especially that first night when it was announced while we were in Toronto. People were very happy for me. I got a lot of congratulatory text messages, e-mails and phone calls. Its been pretty hectic, but its calmed down. Whose idea was the NUMB#RS campaign?
Love: The PR department of the Timberwolves. They did a good job of putting that together. Any time I felt uncomfortable with any part of it, I could say no, but the thing was, I thought it was funny from the get-go and a great idea. I thought to myself that as long as it was done well and done right, I was going to go with it, especially because of their track record of making great videos. I was happy with the way it came out, and a lot of people paid attention to it. So I guess you could say the job got done. [smiles] What has the reaction been to the cologne itself? Have the users of NUMB#RS given you any positive feedback about how it makes them smell?
Love: Its been fun. Its a generic brand that is in the bottle, but there has been a great reaction overall. All of the views on YouTube have been great. I know people like it, I can say that much. Does your product claim to give its users any unusual benefits, such as improving ones rebounding skills?
Love: [smiles] Yes, its supposed to help you on and off the court, in every sense of the word. Its supposed to help you in everything not just basketball. Its a very diversified cologne that you can use in a lot of different situations. [laughs] Another viral video that people around the NBA really enjoyed was the unfortunate and embarrassing Awkward Handshake you had with Timberwolves rookie Wesley Johnson this season. Are you relieved you were able to overcome that horrific moment and make the All-Star team?
Love: [laughs] Yes. We were having a lot of fun with that. That video got a ton of hits on YouTube as well. Weve been kind of the Internet sensations as a team, like you said. But yes, we were able to get past (the awkwardness of) it. How did the sales go on the Kevin Love Miracle Glass Cleaner that you were pushing during your Rookie of the Year campaign of 2008-09?
Love: Well, its actually still selling... no, Im kidding. It didnt sell as well as NUMB#RS has, but its been fun doing those types of things (in videos). Its obviously basketball-related, but they are things we get to do that are away from the game a little bit. So its always fun. Was there any concern from Windex or companies with similar products that your Miracle Glass Cleaner might cut into their sales or market share?
Love: [smiles] No, I think they were able to get past it.

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