Share 1-on-1: L.A. Lakers' Shannon Brown
By: Jim Eichenhofer,
December 29, 2010

Following Wednesdays game against the Los Angeles Lakers, caught up with Lakers reserve guard Shannon Brown. Now with his fourth NBA team, the fifth-year veteran is having a breakout season, averaging double-figure scoring for the first time. One of the most athletic guards in the league, the 25-year-old re-signed with the Lakers last summer and has been their most consistent reserve early in 2010-11. Over the first two months of the NBA season, youve been one of the leagues most improved players statistically. Whats been the secret behind your improvement this season?
Brown: I just wanted to get better. I wanted to prove to a lot of people, including myself and the world, that I could play this game of basketball. I love the game. It brings me joy to play it. So I wanted to get better, just like everybody else. Ive been working very hard. Your shooting percentages have increased dramatically. How did you manage to improve that part of your game so significantly this summer?
Brown: I just got up a lot of reps. Its different coming from high school and college, where you can pretty much do what you want with the ball (in terms of driving and scoring). Coming to the NBA is a little different; you have to learn the game and learn where youre going to get your shots. Ive been shooting the shots Im supposed to, and theyve been going in for me. My teammates have done a great job of getting me the ball.

I think I got a lot more shots up (this summer). I got in a lot of individual work; I really didnt play a lot of 5-on-5. I got in the gym and stayed in there for a lot of hours. Is the Most Improved Player award a goal or something youve thought about early in the season?
Brown: Well, when people mention it, I think about it, but then Ive got to realize that its about the team, and my role on the team. My role is to continue to help this team get better and win a championship. You were invited to the 2010 dunk contest at All-Star weekend. Would you welcome another opportunity to participate?
Brown: Well, like I said, my whole thing is team first. The dunk contest was great, but Im not a dunk-contest dunker. By that, do you mean that your best dunks happen in the flow of games?
Brown: Yeah. I dont go in the gym and work on my dunks. I go in the gym to work on my total, complete basketball game. I appreciate everybody recognizing my athletic ability, and Im not letting that go. (The dunk contest) is something to think about, but its definitely not at the front of my mind. Some of your best in-game dunks have been where you jumped over people. You cant really do that in a dunk contest, right?
Brown: I mean, you can you can just jump clear over someone. Last year I had a dunk where I jumped over Kobe and D.J. Mbenga, but I didnt get a chance to pull it out (in the dunk contest). Whats your Capital One Bowl prediction? (Browns alma mater Michigan State vs. Alabama)
Brown: [laughs] Michigan State! No question. How about a Gator Bowl prediction? (Michigan States archrival Michigan vs. Mississippi State)
Brown: Ive got to go with the Big Ten, so Ill say Michigan. Youre not one of those Michigan State alums who roots against Michigan?
Brown: I mean, when were playing against them, of course. But in a bowl game, Im going with the Big Ten.

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