Give-and-Go: Anthony Davis

October 23, 2012

This is the latest edition of “Give-and-Go,” a periodic feature in which Hornets players respond to questions from fans. In this installment, New Orleans forward Anthony Davis directly answers Twitter questions sent to Jim Eichenhofer. We caught up with the No. 1 overall NBA draft pick at the Alario Center following a recent team practice.

Prior to getting into the series of fan questions, who are a few of the veteran players who have given you advice as the official start of your NBA career approaches?
Davis: Ryan (Anderson), Roger (Mason), Lance (Thomas) – those guys have all been here in the NBA. They really can teach you a lot about the game, and have been in the league for a few years and been through it all. It’s nice to have some guys who have been through this, to help you know what to expect.

How do you describe your personality?
Davis: I like to chill. I’m a laidback guy. I can play video games all day and watch movies. That’s pretty much it.

On to questions from fans via Twitter. From @DanielVeuleman: How much love has the city shown you?
Davis: A lot of love. Walking down the street, I’ve had people say, “What’s up? You’re the man, come save us.” I’ve been signing autographs and taking pictures with a lot of people and getting to interact with people. New Orleans is a great city. Fans here are very passionate. I tweeted (on Sept. 30 after a Falcons-Panthers NFL game) “What a drive for the Falcons to win,” and people went bonkers – in a bad way. They were saying “You can’t be saying that!” and “Watch what you tweet!” But I didn’t realize that or mean anything by it. I was just giving (the Falcons) props. I’ve got a lot of love for New Orleans fans. I’m a Saints fan.

From @oceanback: Are you still growing taller?
Davis: Yes, I think so. I think I’m still getting taller. But right now, I’m trying to get stronger – that’s the biggest key for me. I need to keep working on my game and staying in the gym, then let the rest fall in place. Just staying in the weight room, eat a lot and keep eating, drinking shakes, stuff that will stick to my body and make me stronger. My focus is on (consuming) more calories. I eat probably six or seven times a day. I’m always hungry, so that’s kind of easy for me. [smiles] But I’m not trying to force weight on my body. It’s going to come.

What do you think will be your go-to move or what you will rely on to be successful on offense as an NBA rookie?
Davis: I have to use my quickness to my advantage, because I’m not going to be able to back guys down. I have to face up and use athleticism, try to make basketball plays off of that. But I want to add more of a low-post game and a back-to-the-basket game, and mix it all in.

You were able to bring the Hornets’ Carlos Daniel with you to the Olympics. How much do you think that will help you this season?
Davis: It’s definitely an advantage. Carlos was with me the whole time in London for the Olympics. That really helped me put on weight and get into a regimen where I’m working out every day and eating right. I’m glad to have had him there for two months with the USA team.

From @CocoNolaGirl: What is the best thing you like about the city and will you be active in the community?
Davis: The best thing about the city is the food, which is awesome. Also the people here are so calm and relaxed. They may come up and show their appreciation to you, but they don’t try to bother you because they’re so laidback. I will most definitely be involved in the community. I want to get involved. The city of New Orleans is going to do so much for me. I’m glad I’m here. The community will come out and support us at the games, so I’m glad to be able to give back to them.

From @skystar_01: How many pairs of basketball shoes do you think you’ve had?
Davis: Wow. Probably 300 or more. Last season at Kentucky, I probably went through about 10. I try to change up what I wear every now and then.

From @IamKimmieHo: What’s your favorite movie you saw this year and do you have a nickname for Ryan Anderson?
Davis: Looper was a great movie. I haven’t had a chance to go out and watch too many movies lately, but that was a pretty good one. As far as Ryan Anderson’s nickname, I don’t have one for him yet, but I’m definitely going to think of one now that someone brought it up. I heard he’s been giving out nicknames to everyone on the team. A lot of people call him RA or Ryno. [smiles] Actually, you know what? I just came up with one for him: Cankles.

You mean because he has a combination of calves and ankles that kind of blend into one?
Davis: [smiles] Exactly. All one size.

From @ryancaz: Anthony, I'll be at the home opener on Halloween. Is it OK if I dress like you and wear a large felt unibrow?
Davis: [laughs] Yeah, that’s absolutely fine!