Five things to know about the Pelicans on July 22

by Jim Eichenhofer

1)      The daily Black & Blue Report podcast is back. Monday’s show included visits by Dennis Lauscha, John DeShazier and Chicago Bulls radio analyst Bill Wennington.

2)      Tuesday’s BBR features a visit The Greenbrier owner Jim Justice, who will talk about the Saints’ training camp in West Virginia, as well as writer Jim Eichenhofer.

3)      The Pelicans unveiled the group of finalists at Pelicans Dance Team tryouts.

4)      Take an inside video look at 2014 dancer auditions, which were held for the first time at the Pelicans’ 10-month-old practice facility.

5)      Read about two more Pelicans fans who fondly remember attending the Boston home game in which Anthony Davis piled up 40 points and 21 rebounds.