By: Bob Licht, @hortonhomers
April 6, 2011

This New Orleans Hornets season could be a book.

Okay, at least a great chapter, or Jimmy Kimmel guest appearance, or perhaps a cool video on YouTube.

The point is that with everything this franchise endured this season isnt it amazing that the Hornets can now say Were In (the playoffs)?

After all, a season ago this franchise changed coaches, lost its star point guard to injury, and played the lottery. Then, the Hornets fired their General Manager, hired the youngest coach in the NBA, traded a lottery pick, hired a new General Manager, traded a First Team All-Rookie player from a season ago, turned over more than half the roster, went 1-7 in the preseason, and traded their #1 draft pick for NEXT season.

Plus, during all of that basketball drama the franchise was sold to the NBA, something that had never happened before in league history.

And how did Monty Williams handle all of those distractions and changes?

By setting a franchise record with 8 consecutive wins to start the regular season, by starting 11-1 (also a Hornets record), by winning 10-straight games in January (tying a franchise record), by winning the Western Conference Coach-of-the-Month Award in January, by overcoming his top bench players personal tragedy, by overcoming a season-ending injury to his leading scorer during the late season playoff push, by preaching defense first, and by claiming from day one that this would be a no excuses team.

Williams certainly handled everything with the aplomb of a savvy, veteran coach. Very few things caught the 39-year-old ex-player off guard, except perhaps some of the distractions.

I guess I was surprised at the offseason stuff and the off the court stuff. Some things have come up that Nate (Portland head coach and former coaching mentor McMillan) and Pop (Spurs head coach Gregg) couldnt have anticipated or prepared me for.

This is a team that traded one of its most popular players (Marcus Thornton) for much-needed frontcourt help (Carl Landry). That happened BEFORE David West was felled by a season-ending knee injury. Landry has put up West-like numbers ever since becoming the starting power forward and is a large reason the Hornets held on to its playoff position.

This is a team led by the most complete point guard in the game (wait, Ill explain in a minute) who has been managing a comeback from knee surgery.

This is a team that SCORES fewer points per game than any other team in the western conferenceyet ALLOWS fewer points than any other team in the west.

So, like Robert Redford asked at the end of The Candidate after he was elected (hope I didnt ruin it for you), So now what do we do?

First year General Manager Dell Demps might answer by suggesting the Hornets go ahead and turn the best NBA regular season story into a headline-grabbing, long post season run.

Rookie head coach Williams will likely tell you as long as his team plays the same kind of defense it did in the regular season it can beat anybody. And Monty would be right. After all, the Hornets beat San Antonio twice, Dallas twice, Denver twice, Portland twice, Memphis twice, Orlando twice, Atlanta twice, and Miami, Boston, and OKC once apiece. All are playoff teams. They only looked overmatched this season against the Lakers and Bulls, who could very well be headed to the final series of the NBA season.

Most coaches Ive spoken to this season fear the Hornets because they feature Chris Paul. Ive always had a theory that as long as CP is right (healthy) the Hornets have the best player on the floor wearing their uniform. Derrick Rose may win MVP. Russell Westbrook may wow you with his athleticism. Rajon Rondo may dazzle with his court vision. Steve Nash may be the best thirty something player ever at his position. But for my money, Chris is cant miss.

The 25-year-old scores when he needs to score. He dishes when he needs teammates to do their thing. He defends better than any point guard in the game today (he will lead the league in steals for the third time in his young career this season). He manages a basketball game better than anybody in any league and rarely commits a mental mistake. When youre ready to compare Paul to anybody else at his position, look at his assists, turnovers, and steals. All are TEAM stats and together favor my client. By the way, Paul is also the second best free throw shooter among point guards (#1 among those in the playoffs) making him the no-brainer to handle the ball late in games. The Hornets will go as far as their four-time all star takes them.

10TH OVERALL 1ST - 179 TOT 2ND - 737 TOT 1ST - 4.44

And the Man of Steal has already taken them further than most skeptics believed they would go before the season began. Who are we to believe the final chapter of this amazing story has already been written?

I say, the rough draft has just been finished. Now its time to turn some of those notes into a gut wrenching, page turning, spellbinder that makes everyone in New Orleans claim Im In. Theyll declare Im In because if this team can succeed as the underdog, perform blue collar tasks, and back up their confident we are who we are talk under the most trying of circumstances then fans can certainly throw their support behind this team.

Dell-Monty has been the most significant move this franchise could make. And they delivered.

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