Off the Court: Chris Paul

Monday, December 3, 2007
By: Lindsey Wyckoff,

What does third-year Hornets guard Chris Paul like to do when he’s not playing basketball? sat down with the Winston-Salem, N.C. native and Wake Forest product to find out more about his interests away from the game of hoops.

Favorite type of music and groups: Gospel and hip-hop. “Two of my favorite artists are Lil’ Wayne and Yolonda Adams.”

Favorite TV show: “I watch a lot of TV, but two of my favorites are Entourage and Flavor of Love.”

Reality TV thoughts: “I love reality television. I watch a ton of reality shows, but right now I’m watching Flavor of Love and I Love New York.”

Favorite movie of all time: Harlem Nights.

Time spent online per day: Three to four hours.

Favorite website:

Football or baseball? Football.

What he’d be doing if he weren’t an NBA player: “I’d be on the PBA Tour.”

Favorite athlete as a kid: Michael Jordan.

Best friend on another NBA team: Memphis forward Rudy Gay.

Best friend in another pro sport: Reggie Bush.

First job: “I worked at my granddad’s Chevron station pumping gas.”