Off the Court: Hilton Armstrong

Saturday, November 24, 2007
By: Jim Eichenhofer,

What does second-year Hornets big man Hilton Armstrong like to do when he’s not playing basketball? sat down with the University of Connecticut product and Peeksill, N.Y., native to find out more about his interests away from the game of hoops.

Favorite type of music: “I try to listen to a little bit of everything... I used to listen to just hip-hop. My girlfriend sings a lot of classical music and choral music, so I like to listen to that also. I like a lot of underground music.”

Favorite TV show: SpongeBob SquarePants. “I also will watch any older cartoon.”

Reality TV thoughts: “I love it. Certain shows I like, such as ‘Flavor of Love.’ And I like the ‘Rock of Love’ show, too, on VH1. That’s a tough show. And ‘Hogan Knows Best’ is pretty good.”

Favorite movie of all time: (The 2007 comedy) Superbad. “That was the funniest movie ever. It was so funny I got tired of laughing. My body just couldn’t laugh anymore. I’ve seen it three times already.”

Time spent online per day: “About 10 minutes.”

Favorite non-sports websites: YouTube, Yahoo.

Football or baseball? “Football, because there is a lot more action. In baseball, you basically just stand there and swing at the ball and stand in the field waiting for the ball to come to you.”

What he’d be doing if he weren’t an NBA player: “I’m not sure exactly, but something with kids.”

Favorite athlete as a kid: Shaquille O’Neal. “Not even just because of basketball. He’s a clown and you’d always see him doing stuff like break-dancing and (impersonating) Michael Jackson.”

Best friend on another NBA team: New Jersey guard Marcus Williams, a former college teammate of Armstrong’s at Connecticut.

First job: Working at Kentucky Fried Chicken. “I started off working in the back, doing things like cutting popcorn chicken. Then I finally got moved up to working at the cash register. It’s kind of like my NBA career right now – I’m doing a lot of the dirty work, but I’m trying to move up. But right now I’m still cutting chicken!” [laughs]