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Friday, June 15, 2012
By: Jim Eichenhofer,

With less than two weeks remaining before the June 28 draft, time to check in for a second time to see what numerous basketball websites expect the New Orleans Hornets to do with their pair of lottery picks. All quotes are provided by the respective websites. Here are the players each website is projecting the Hornets to select with the first and 10th overall picks during the Thursday, June 28 draft:

1, Anthony Davis, Kentucky: “Davis is nothing short of the perfect piece for the rebuilding: superstar-level talent, high energy, hard worker, excellent character.”

10, Kendall Marshall, North Carolina: “After going big with the first pick, the Hornets address point guard with the best distributor in the draft and hope he continues to improve as a shooter.”
Previous update: Andre Drummond was projected as going 10th to New Orleans by, but writer Scott Howard-Cooper moved the UConn big man up to ninth (Detroit) in his latest mock draft.

1, Anthony Davis, Kentucky: “How hot of a commodity is Davis? As I wrote on Monday, sources said the Cavs offered the Hornets picks 4, 24, 32 and 33 for the No. 1 pick – a deal the Hornets quickly and firmly declined. Davis is the one player in this draft that a team can immediately build around, so you can expect the Hornets to continue to receive and decline great offers.”

10, Jared Sullinger, Ohio State: “We've been assuming the Hornets would try to fill their hole at point guard here with a player like Damian Lillard or Kendall Marshall. They may. But the buzz has been around Jared Sullinger’s name here. I could see why the Hornets would think that Davis and Sullinger would be an ideal pairing together. They complete each other. I do, however, wonder whether Sullinger’s weak results in the athletic testing portion of the draft combine might change their mind. Sully may be the worst athlete in the draft.”
Previous update: draft guru Chad Ford listed Damian Lillard at 10th to NOLA, but Ford has since shifted the Weber State point guard all the way up to sixth, a pick Portland currently possesses.

1, Anthony Davis, Kentucky: “The Hornets have received some interesting trade proposals for their top overall pick, but for a new ownership group, landing the draft's big fish, Anthony Davis, gives them a face of the franchise to market for the future. Davis may not have a huge impact in year one, but should be a contributor and has a lot of upside for the future. NBA Comparison: Kevin Garnett.”

10, Terrence Ross, Washington: “The Hornets already have Eric Gordon, but after adding Davis at 1, Ross gives them insurance in case Gordon's injury problems continue. Ross is a talent with a legitimate chance to be the top SG prospect from this year's draft class. NBA Comparison: Eddie Jones.”
Previous update: No change.

1, Anthony Davis, Kentucky: “Whatever Davis becomes, whether it is a Hall of Famer, occasional All-Star or shotblocking specialist on the very low end, he is the clear best available player. I’m not as bullish on Davis as I was on Greg Oden, Derrick Rose or John Wall on the night of their respective lotteries, but I do like him more than Kyrie Irving, Blake Griffin, Andrea Bargnani and Andrew Bogut. Irving and Griffin have played above expectations because it was difficult to imagine exactly how they would translate to the NBA. The same situation applies to Davis and that is why most opinions of him contain conditional statements even while offering immense praise.”

10, Kendall Marshall, North Carolina: “While Lillard is more athletic and a better shooter, Marshall is clearly the better distributor and a natural point guard. I like pairing Marshall’s size with Eric Gordon on the defensive end and there are few quality point guard prospects in 2013 and 2014. It is either now or free agency for the Hornets to address the position since their trade chips are wanting.”
Previous update: No change.

1, Anthony Davis, Kentucky: “Davis is one of five players that didn't participate in the athletic testing. I don't blame him, as he could only hurt his stock. There's nowhere to go but down for him.

10, Austin Rivers, Duke: “Sub-Zero is a perfect match for the Hornets, even if they retain Eric Gordon. He could provide instant scoring in a sixth-man role.”
Previous update: Kentucky’s Terrence jones was the projection at No. 10, but in the latest Bleacher Report mock, the forward has dropped all the way to Minnesota’s No. 18 slot.

Just the picks…
1, Anthony Davis, Kentucky
10, Jeremy Lamb, Connecticut

1, Anthony Davis, Kentucky
10, Damian Lillard, Weber State