No consensus in mock drafts on NOLA 10th pick

Thursday, May 31, 2012
By: Jim Eichenhofer,

Less than 24 hours after the NBA Draft lottery, numerous basketball websites have already weighed in with their initial mock drafts. scoured the Internet to see what other websites are projecting New Orleans to do with its two lottery picks.
All quotes are provided by the respective websites. Here are the players each website is projecting the Hornets to select with the first and 10th overall picks during the Thursday, June 28 draft:

1, Anthony Davis, Kentucky: “Davis is nothing short of the perfect piece for the rebuilding: superstar-level talent, high energy, hard worker, excellent character.”
10, Andre Drummond, Connecticut: “The risk pick. Drummond has a package of talent, NBA size after one college season and athleticism that should put him in the top three. But no motor.”

1, Anthony Davis, Kentucky: “What a huge win for the Hornets. They lost a superstar this season (Chris Paul) yet will replace him with Anthony Davis. Pair Davis with Eric Gordon, and New Orleans has a very strong foundation to build upon. And the best news is the Hornets have another pick at No. 10 to add a point guard to the mix.”
10, Damian Lillard, Weber State: “With Anthony Davis in the fold, it’s time to find a player that can start throwing him lobs. The question is whether it’s a combo guard, such as Damian Lillard, or a pure point guard, such as Kendall Marshall. At first glance, Marshall looks like the more obvious fit, but with Davis likely to draw double teams, they may prefer a guard who can really shoot it. If that’s the case, Lillard is the guy.”

1, Anthony Davis, Kentucky: “Conspiracy theorists are coming out of the woodworks on this one, the Hornets who are in the process of being sold by the league naturally win the lottery. Davis oozes upside and while he may not be an immediate star at the NBA level, most talent evaluators see a superstar in the making. His jaw dropping physical attributes combined with a competitive drive should allow him to overcome a lack of physical strength. If there is a “savior" in this draft, odds are it's Davis. NBA Comparison: Kevin Garnett.”
10, Terrence Ross, Washington: “The Hornets already have Eric Gordon, but after adding Davis at 1, Ross gives them insurance in case Gordon's injury problems continue. Ross is a talent with a legitimate chance to be the top SG prospect from this year's draft class. NBA Comparison: Eddie Jones.”

1, Anthony Davis, Kentucky: “Whatever Davis becomes, whether it is a Hall of Famer, occasional All-Star or shotblocking specialist on the very low end, he is the clear best available player. I’m not as bullish on Davis as I was on Greg Oden, Derrick Rose or John Wall on the night of their respective lotteries, but I do like him more than Kyrie Irving, Blake Griffin, Andrea Bargnani and Andrew Bogut. Irving and Griffin have played above expectations because it was difficult to imagine exactly how they would translate to the NBA. The same situation applies to Davis and that is why most opinions of him contain conditional statements even while offering immense praise.”
10, Kendall Marshall, North Carolina: “While Lillard is more athletic and a better shooter, Marshall is clearly the better distributor and a natural point guard. I like pairing Marshall’s size with Eric Gordon on the defensive end and there are few quality point guard prospects in 2013 and 2014. It is either now or free agency for the Hornets to address the position since their trade chips are wanting.”

1, Anthony Davis, Kentucky: “Part of what makes Anthony Davis so special and nearly guarantees him status as the future top overall pick of the 2012 NBA Draft is his incredible leaping ability. Not only does the unibrow give him the power to soar and seemingly defy gravity as he hangs up in space far longer than human beings should, but it also gives him explosiveness. Lots of NBA players can fly, but few can do so as quickly as Davis. From a standstill, he can elevate over the defense to grab an offensive rebound or throw down an alley oop. Additionally, he’s just as quick on the second jump and has no need for a brief second to regain his energy and balance.”
10, Terrence Jones, Kentucky: “Terrence Jones might be teetering in and out of the lottery right now, but a strong showing at the combine should make him a lock to be selected in the first 14 picks of the 2012 NBA draft. After all, that’s when we’ll be reminded of just how athletic Jones is. Although he’s inconsistent and plagued by the mental game at times, Jones is as versatile as they come at forward. His court vision is incredible and allows him to see the game one step ahead of almost everyone else that plays power forward. As he continues to hone his offensive game while maintaining his stellar defensive skills, Jones could become a steal in the draft.”

Just the picks…

1, Anthony Davis, Kentucky
10, Terrence Ross, Washington

1, Anthony Davis, Kentucky
10, Damian Lillard, Weber State