Sales of season tickets strong for 2009-10

Friday, May 22, 2009
By: Jim Eichenhofer,

Despite concern nationally that the flagging U.S. economy is negatively impacting NBA ticket sales for next season, the Hornets are hoping to match or exceed their 2008-09 total of 10,700 season ticket holders.

“Our objective is to have more season ticket holders than last year,” Hornets president Hugh Weber said. “We finished the season at 10,700. We are clearly over 9,000 right now.”

One of the overlooked but critical aspects of NBA ticket sales is the ability of teams to renew their current season ticket holders. With several months remaining in the process, New Orleans is off to an excellent start, ranking in the top five of the league's 30 teams in renewal percentage.

“The news is all good in terms of the support that fans have given to this team, and the engagement of fans,” Weber said. “We’ll continue to work through the summer, but we’re very bullish on being able to exceed even last season’s numbers.”