Give-and-Go: Eric Gordon

Monday, April 30, 2012
By: Jim Eichenhofer,

This is the latest 2011-12 edition of “Give-and-Go,” a periodic feature with Hornets players. In this installment, New Orleans guard Eric Gordon directly answers Twitter questions sent to We caught up with the four-year NBA guard in Houston, prior to Thursday’s season finale against the Rockets.

From @shelbywmccarty: How did that lane-driving dunk feel against your former team, the Clippers, on April 22?
Gordon: [smiles] It felt great. It was good to get back to doing that kind of dunking after being able to get back healthy and be on the court. It was interesting to play against most of the same guys I played with for the first time. I’ve still got a lot of close friends on that team.

From @buffyanne: What’s your favorite book?
Gordon: Probably a book about Michael Phelps. It talks about his life story.

Favorite TV show? Favorite movie?
Gordon: Everybody Hates Chris. My favorite movie of all time is Scarface.

Also from @buffyanne… just curious, are you the same Eric Gordon from Space Jam? (kidding)
Gordon: [laughs] I’ve heard that many times. The kid in the movie was a year younger than me, so sometimes people wonder about that. We both have the same name, but no, it’s not me.

From @matt0_0: Do you think your injuries will be reoccurring?
Gordon: No, they’re not going to be. All of my injuries in the NBA have been one-time things. They happened, and then they were over. It’s never been anything chronic, and I’ve never had the same injury twice. You never know – I could go the next 10 years without having another injury. You never know.

From @mknkachow: How have you enjoyed your first season here in New Orleans?
Gordon: It was very enjoyable to be in New Orleans. But obviously no one expected that I would miss this many games.

From @KevinParnella: What is your perfect scenario on where you want to play next year?
Gordon: Obviously what happens this summer is unpredictable and out of my control. I’m open to staying here and seeing what happens. It’s not like I can choose where I play. It’s going to be a situation where it’s up to the Hornets (to match an offer sheet from another team).

From @ScottandEmily: Why didn’t you sign your extension offer? Was it because you figured you could make more money in the offseason?
Gordon: I felt like we both couldn’t come to an agreement as far as a contract. Now it’s to the point where if they really want to have me this summer, then I’ll be here. Now it gives other teams a chance to try to sign me. All players want to do is play ball (not focus on contracts). At the end of the day, if I’m here, I’m here to win.

From @abelshelby: Does having an owner now convince you more to stay here?
Gordon: It does mean a lot to the players, because now you have someone to play for. You always have a voice now – maybe not something that you always hear, but someone there that you know is the owner of the team. It’s a major addition.