Twitter Feedback: Carl Landry responds

Saturday, February 26, 2011
By: Jim Eichenhofer,

In the latest installment of “Twitter Feedback,” New Orleans Hornets trade acquisition Carl Landry directly answered Twitter questions sent to I caught up with the backup frontcourt player after Saturday’s practice in the Alario Center.

From @Jim_Eichenhofer: One of the writers who saw you in Miami on Tuesday tweeted that you had a huge smile on your face in the locker room after the Heat-Kings game. He assumed it was because you’d been traded. Why were you so excited about coming to New Orleans?
Landry: [smiles] Well, I actually didn’t know at the time that I was coming to New Orleans. I was just excited, playing against the Heat and being in Miami. It was a good day. After the game, (Sacramento head) coach (Paul) Westphal let me know that he had found out a couple minutes before that game that something was in the works (trade-wise). Because of that, he had been told not to play me. But I didn’t find that out until afterward (Landry received a DNP-coach’s decision that night).

From @saints_fans: What did you think about the trade? Were you surprised?
Landry: I wasn’t surprised. My name had been mentioned in trade talks from the beginning of this season. So I wasn’t surprised at all. I was very excited and I’m happy to be here. I’m looking forward to doing the best I can out there on the floor, hopefully win some games and get into the playoffs.

From @saints_fans: What do you think about playing on the same team with the best point guard in the NBA?
Landry: [laughs] He’s definitely a floor general. He makes the game a lot easier for the other four players on the floor. I’m really excited. Based on the one game I have under my belt with him (Friday at Minnesota), it’s very good.

From @stormsurgephoto: What part of living in New Orleans are you most excited about?
Landry: The food. Every time I’ve been here, I’ve always had some good food. That’s probably the thing I’m most excited about. (On past road trips while playing for Houston and Sacramento) we’re usually just here one day and gone the next day, but I’ve always tried to hit Bourbon Street up or some restaurants on Canal Street, or in that surrounding area of the French Quarter and downtown. I always just tried to get a good dinner at night, to get ready for playing the game the next day.

From @valdo209: In what areas of offense and defense do you expect to improve the Hornets?
Landry: I’m going to try to improve this team in all areas that I possibly can: low-post scoring, field-goal percentage, taking charges, offensive and defensive rebounding. Whatever I can do, I just want to help this team improve.

From @groundpatty: Do you hope to be able to re-sign with the Hornets this offseason?
Landry: Definitely. So far, so good. I like this team. Obviously I’m not looking forward to the lockout, if there is one. But right now this is home. I like playing with my new teammates, guys like Jarrett Jack, Chris Paul, Trevor Ariza, Emeka Okafor, David West, all of these guys. I’m looking forward to this season. When the time comes, I’ll think about it, and hopefully re-sign.

From @m_W_: Yourself included, what do you think is the ceiling achievement for this team?
Landry: We’ve got a good team and we’ve got a pretty deep team, as far as players coming off the bench. The starting lineup – all of those guys are All-Star caliber players. They’re all well-respected players in this league. So the sky is the limit. I think we can go all the way. I know that the teams that have won championships over the last few years – besides the Lakers the last two years – probably weren’t expected to win it during those years, but somehow found a way. So you never know, man. The sky’s the limit.

From @RyanWolf49: What can you bring to the Hornets on the defensive end? We know you can score on the offensive end.
Landry: Defensive rebounding, and I’m going to try to be active on the weakside and try to get some blocked shots. I’m going to help Emeka and D West in the paint. I just try to be an active, energy player.

From @LSUhornet17: Are you comfortable in a sixth-man role, or do you see yourself as a starter somewhere down the line?
Landry: I’m comfortable (as a reserve). Ever since I’ve been in the NBA, that’s been my role. So I’m very comfortable with it. You just have to make sure that whenever the opportunity presents itself in playing time, that you’re ready.

From @tbranan: Jim, just tell him I’m glad he’s here and can’t wait to see him help the Hornets make the run into the playoffs!
Landry: [smiles] I feel the same way. Thanks and go Hornets!