Off the Court: Xavier Henry

Friday, February 3, 2012
By: Jim Eichenhofer,

New Orleans guard/forward Xavier Henry sat down with recently to discuss some of his interests away from the game of basketball. The 20-year-old and second-year pro from the University of Kansas – who came to the Hornets by virtue of a January trade – detailed some of his background prior to a home game.

People who had the most influence on his basketball career: “My parents, both of them equally. They’ve helped me along my whole life with everything I needed, from travel, to what teams and schools I should play for.”

Best moment as an athlete: “Getting drafted was pretty big for me. I was working for it my whole life, and then it happened.”

How he chose his current uniform number: “I picked 4 because it represents my mom, dad, brother and I. I wore 13 in Memphis because my dad and my brother wore it before me when they played.”

One thing fans might be surprised to know about him: “I’m an avid golfer. I play all the time. I’m definitely into golf. I’ve played once so far at the TPC of Louisiana.”

Favorite thing about New Orleans: “Probably the food. I like all of the different types of food and the great chefs. I like to try good food all the time.”

Favorite athlete as a kid: “Well, I’m still a kid. [laughs] But probably UFC fighter Anderson Silva.”

What he’d be doing if he weren’t an NBA player: “Playing golf. I’d definitely be trying to get onto the PGA Tour.”

Closest friends currently playing on other NBA teams: “Daniel Orton of the Orlando Magic and Cole Aldrich from when I played for Kansas. Orton is from Oklahoma City like me. There are a lot of guys I came in with in the same freshman class at Kansas that I’m good friends with.”

Favorite type of music: “Hip-hop. Any kind of hip-hop.”

Favorite TV show: “My Wife and Kids.”

Favorite movie of all time: “I like all of the Saw movies.”

What he enjoys about Facebook: “Checking in with people and seeing what’s going on back home.”