Big Easy Buzz Blog - January 30, 2009 postgame: Warriors 91, Hornets 87

Friday, January 30, 2009
By: Jim Eichenhofer,
Byron Scott usually holds his postgame press conference at the New Orleans Arena while wearing a suit and tie, the attire he sports during games. But with the team heading out on a flight to San Antonio immediately after this one, on Friday he changed into a much more comfortable gray sweatsuit and black Hornets cap. He spoke for only about two minutes, probably his shortest press conference of 2008-09.

No one was complaining though - this game was probably better off quickly forgotten. Although statistically there have been worse offensive games for the Hornets this season, this was arguably their poorest outing at the end of the floor to date. New Orleans shot only 35.9 percent from the field, which by itself was very poor, but after factoring in the opponent, that was an extremely disappointing stat. Golden State may be the most porous defensive team in the league, but the 87 points were the lowest by a Warriors opponent all season.

"I thought we did a good job of slowing Golden State down and making them play at a different pace," said Scott, who had to be happy with only giving up 91 points and allowing 41 percent shooting. "But we just couldn't throw it in the ocean tonight.

"It was a bad loss for us. It still doesn't take away from it being a pretty good week for us," he continued, citing prior wins over Philadelphia and Denver without David West and Tyson Chandler. "It still leaves a bad taste in your mouth."

Byron Scott
“It looked like a bunch of guys were heavy legged for whatever reason. I thought we did a good job of slowing them (The Warriors) down and getting them to play a different pace but the last three or four minutes of the game we couldn’t get stops and we couldn’t control the motion tonight.”
On the offense: “I thought we did an awful job as far as moving, moving the ball moving our bodies we just stood around and we kind of reverted back to what we were doing a couple of months ago. Nobody cut nobody moving I know that takes a bit of energy but we can’t just expect CP(Chris Paul) or David (West) to get the job done themselves.”

David West
“(Andris) Biendrins and a lot of their guards crash. I just wanted to be aggressive in that area. Coming down the stretch we couldn’t get stops. We struggle against teams like this that play kind of unconventional. They don’t really play a traditional lineup. We’ve really struggled against teams like this.
“I felt conditioned. I felt fine. I wasn’t tired and I didn’t get tired at any point in the game. “