Big Easy Buzz Blog - January 9, 2009 postgame: Hornets 107, Clippers 80

Friday, January 9, 2009
By: Jim Eichenhofer,
Not a whole lot of drama tonight in the Hive, as the Hornets methodically took care of the extremely shorthanded Clippers. Los Angeles was without Baron Davis, Zach Randolph and Chris Kaman. Already struggling when at full strength, it's going to be extremely difficult for this version of the Clippers to win games (this was their 10th straight defeat). But the Hornets will take another home victory, where they've won nine of their last 10.

"I thought in the first half, we gave up too many easy baskets and didn't defend them the way we talked about," said Byron Scott, whose team won the second half by a 45-31 margin. "We did a much better job of containing those guys and making them take jump shots with a hand in their face. Overall, it was a good win for us."

Rasual Butler and James Posey delivered the top offensive games for New Orleans (22-11), scoring 27 and 16 points, respectively. Butler tallied his season-high in points and was in a zone for much of the night from three-point range, finishing 6-for-10. Antonio Daniels also played well, with a personal Hornets-high 10 points in 20 minutes.

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Byron Scott

On Antonio Daniels: “I talked to AD about being a little bit more aggressive. Lately he’s being doing a good job of running the show. But I also thought that he’s being running it a little bit too much where he hasn’t been looking for his open shots. Sometimes the defense was really giving him shots, but he didn’t want to take it because he wanted to run the team. He didn’t want to be like somebody we else we just got rid of… no names mentioned. "
On the Hornets play: “The first half I wasn’t really happy. We were scoring, but we knew we needed to take care of things on the defensive end. Overall it was a good game.”
On the Clippers: “I didn’t want to take a whole lot a chances, I know that they are a dangerous team. They are playing with a lot of freedom; they’re not playing for anything. You got guys playing for contracts and things like that; those are the type of teams that are the most dangerous.”

Tyson Chandler
On playing the L.A. teams: “Whenever you’re playing against an L.A. team, I know everybody back at home is watching. I try to put on a little show.”
On not wanting to have a letdown tonight: “Definitely not. We know that this is a team that has some injuries. The thing you don’t want to do is have them come in and get some confidence early in the game and then they become a dangerous team. So we wanted to get out early and get a good lead, which we did.”

Rasual Butler
“We have a good basketball team. We are a very unselfish basketball team. Depending on how other teams are defending us, that’s where we are going to get our shots from. Some night I might not get a lift and that’s fine with me because I’m still doing my job by spreading the floor so C.P. can get in the paint and get other guys shots so David (West) can go to work in the post.”