Ask Chris Paul: Second Edition

February 28, 2007

Over the past several weeks, Hornets fans have submitted questions to Chris Paul through, for our Ask Chris Paul feature. Here are CP3s responses to some of the most interesting queries selected by

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Fans Featured
Dennis Moore
(Oklahoma City, OK)
Paul Hickman
(Midwest City, OK)
Jennifer Young
(Metairie, LA)
Lendell Wallace Jr.
(Edmond, OK)
Derek Nguyen
(Oklahoma City, OK)
Caroline Cameron
(Oklahoma City, OK)
Jo Ann Shannon
(Oklahoma City, OK)
Garrett Haviland
(Chickasha, OK)

1) Dennis Moore of Oklahoma City writes to compliment you on the popular Nike television commercial that features you and several other NBA stars, such as LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire and Jermaine ONeal. What was the experience like of filming that commercial?

Chris Paul: We shot that commercial this summer in an airplane hangar in California. It was one of the best experiences Ive ever had since being in the NBA.

2) The next question is from Paul Hickman of Midwest City, Oklahoma. Chris, was Michael Jordan your biggest influence on you playing in the NBA?

Chris Paul: My parents were my biggest influence, but Michael Jordan was a hero of mine as a kid. To actually be endorsing his brand is a dream come true. Getting to meet MJ for the first time in high school, I think it was probably the most memorable experience ever. You see him on TV and his commercials, (but) meeting him, I dont think words can even describe it. Just to see my dad light up like a little kid the first time he met (Jordan), that was something I will never forget.

3) Jennifer Young of Metairie, Louisiana, asks: Chris, have you always enjoyed playing basketball, and do you see yourself doing anything else in the future?

Chris Paul: Well, basketball is temporary, so I know I will be doing something else when my career is over. But I have always loved basketball. I used to have a passion for football and loved it more than basketball. The funny thing is, when I got to high school, I was going to quit playing basketball, because I was better in football. But I was so small in high school. The thing that took me away from football was that I played AAU basketball. One summer while I was out playing AAU basketball, my friends were getting ready for high school football. I got back around when school was about to start, and everybody else had gotten so big! I was like, Nah, I dont have time for this! [laughs] It started being too cold on those Friday nights for football games. [grins] So football had to go.

4) From Lendell Wallace Jr. of Edmond, Oklahoma. Chris, once you get settled in the NBA, are you going to invest in any new business ventures?

Chris Paul: Yes, I plan to do that. There are different things that I am looking into now. I run the Chris Paul Foundation, and I want to send someone to Wake Forest on a full scholarship from my hometown of Winston-Salem (N.C.). We have a lot of different things that were trying to do through the foundation. Also, my AAU basketball team got started this year, and my dad is going to be in charge of that.

With himself and David West back in the lineup, CP3 is excited to see what the Hornets can accomplish over the final two months of the regular season.

5) From Derek Nguyen of Oklahoma City. Chris, what was it like for you on the day you played your first game in the NBA?

Chris Paul: It was crazy. My whole family was here (in Oklahoma City). I had chills going through my body. I was so nervous. When they called out my name during the starting lineup introductions, I could just imagine my late grandfather in heaven smiling down on me. It was a dream come true.

When I got hurt (earlier this season), it was something I was taking for granted, that you always have another game. But when you sit on the bench for such a long time and realize that it can be taken away from you in a blink of an eye, it brings everything back into perspective.

6) Caroline Cameron of Oklahoma City asks: Chris, what is your favorite TV show?

Chris Paul: I watch TV all day, every day. I couldnt live without a television. You could probably take basketball away from me, but not TV. I watch The Wire, Greys Anatomy I love that and Entourage is great. The show that Ive really gotten into is The King of Queens. I dont know if youve seen it, but its pretty funny. I love all of those shows. Also, Prison Break. I watch everything The Surreal Life: Fame Games, The White Rapper Show. Anything thats on, I pretty much watch it.

7) During the last Ask Chris Paul, you mentioned that youd be interested in becoming a professional bowler. Jo Ann Shannon of Oklahoma City wonders: Chris, what is your average bowling score?

Chris Paul: What is my average bowling score? I think when it comes to bowling, I play to the level of my competition. Just like in the NBA, if you win by one point, it doesnt matter what happens in the rest of the game, as long as you win. Thats what I do in bowling. I think I might actually be going bowling today, with my brother C.J. and (Hornets team mascot) Hugo the Hornet. Are they tough competition?

Chris Paul: I dont think so. (But how I bowl) depends on how they do. That will determine how I play. I just make sure I do enough to win.

8) The last question is from Garrett Haviland of Chickasha, Oklahoma. Chris, do you think the team is capable of making the playoffs this season? If so, what do you and the rest of the Hornets have to do to bounce back from an injury-plagued season to make the playoffs?

Chris Paul: I dont THINK our team is capable of making the playoffs. I am SURE we are capable of making the playoffs. Were almost full strength now were just missing Peja but with everyone back, including David West, and as well as Tyson Chandler is playing right now, were capable of doing anything the rest of the season. As long as everyone continues to play hard and together, the skys the limit for us.

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