Ask Chris Paul: Debut Edition

January 18, 2007

Over the past several weeks, Hornets fans have submitted questions to Chris Paul through, for our Ask Chris Paul feature. Here are CP3s responses to some of the most interesting queries selected by
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Will Osgood (Oxnard, CA) Chad Weemhoff (Piedmont, OK)
Elisa Cossey (Blanchard, OK) Boyd Bible (Yukon, OK)
Angela Brewer Bill Cress (Bethany, OK)
Millie Cress (Bethany, OK) Michael Methvin (Moore, OK)
Alison Gerard (Metairie, LA) Larry Garrett (Midwest City, OK)

1) This is a two-part question from Will Osgood (Oxnard, CA) :
Chris, did playing two years in the ACC make a big difference in your preparation for the NBA? And where is your favorite place to play on the road?

Chris Paul: I think the ACC prepared me more than any other conference could have. When I was at Wake Forest, we played against the top competition in the country. We played against Duke twice and North Carolina twice (each season). The ACC is, to me, the toughest conference in the country.
We also played against teams out of conference like Cincinnati, (and) teams that had won national championships. After my freshman year at Wake Forest, a lot of people asked if I would leave (college) to come out to the NBA early, but I knew I wasnt ready. After my second year, I knew that I was prepared.
My favorite place to play on the road in the NBA is probably Charlotte, because thats the closest I get to home the whole season. Last year I got to go home for Christmas; this year, I didnt.

2) A question from a young fan named Chad (Piedmont, OK):
Chris, I got to meet you this year at your summer basketball camp and had a great time! When is next year's CP3 basketball camp scheduled for? I want to go but I also want to make sure my Mom and Dad don't plan summer vacation during your camp.

Chris Paul: Thats a good question! Im pretty sure its going to be in July. July or August. Were trying to see how this playoff thing is going to work out first, but if you go to my website,, Im sure its there. Or if youre ever at a game and you see my brother (C.J.), ask him, because he should know. So Mom and Dad should leave July in August open?

Go to the Chris Paul Summer Camp Signup

Chris Paul: Yeah, leave those open [grins].

3) This question is from Elisa Cossey (Blanchard, OK), one of the loudest fans in the Ford Center:
Chris, I'm the loudmouth lady who hollers when the opposing team shoots free throws. Do you think it helps or should I save my breath?

Chris Paul: No, it helps. A lot of times when we go on the road and I go to the free-throw line, it gets loud, but you get used to it. But I only take one dribble whenever I take a free throw, so I dont have time to think about (noise from the crowd). Some guys take (multiple) dribbles, so they start listening to the fans and all that stuff.
So (Elisa), keep doing it!

4) A question from Boyd, a native of Yukon, Oklahoma:
Chris, my understanding is that you were brought up in a deeply religious and spiritual home. How much of that faith do you carry with you throughout each day?

Chris Paul: I carry it a lot, every day. Especially before games. My iPod has a lot of gospel music, and I was an usher in church growing up. I was actually in the choir. My mom was the director of the choir. My dad sang in the choir.

5) This question is from Hornets fan Angela Brewer:
Chris, who are some of your favorite gospel artists? I mostly like Marvin Sapp, Fred Hammond and Vickie Winnans just to name a few.

Chris Paul: I like Marvin (Sapp) and Fred Hammond a lot. Also, Donnie Kirkland, Yolanda Adams and B.B. and CeCe Winans. I actually got to meet B.B. Winans at the ESPYs, and Im trying to get him to come to my celebrity weekend this year.

6) From Bill Cress (Bethany, OK):
Chris, why do you always look so angry during the course of a game? Take time to smell the roses and smile once in a while. Its only a game.

From Millie Cress (Bethany, OK):
Chris, why are you so angry and unhappy on the basketball court? Why the scowling when you make a basket? It doesn't look good! Can't you smile, or just keep a straight face when you score?

Chris Paul: [laughs] No, I cant! I always explain to people: I am two totally different people. Im a one person on the court, and (another person) off the court. On the court, I am very competitive in everything I do. My mom has said that to me many times too, Why are you so mad on the court?
Its because youre trying to win and youre playing a game. You cant be buddy-buddy or friends with the guys on the court. A lot of times (when Paul looks angry) the reason is we may be because we might be losing at that point of the game. I might not be necessarily mad at the other team; just mad at the situation that is going on in the game.
After the buzzer sounds and they say that we won, then will smile. But for those 48 minutes no.

7) From Hornets fan Michael Methvin (Moore, OK):
I really enjoy watching you play. What is your favorite restaurant to frequent in Oklahoma City?

Chris Paul: I probably eat at Charlestons in Edmond probably about four times a week. Sometimes twice a day. Just about after every game, I go to Mickey Mantles (in Oklahoma City). So those would be the two spots I eat at the most.

8) From Alison Gerard of Metairie, Louisiana:
I was wondering if you were keeping up on your bowling? When you were first drafted by the Hornets, they had an article in the Times-Picayune about how you were an avid bowler. Have you still been bowling? Good luck the rest of the year and I hope you make it to the All-Star game.

Chris Paul: Yes, I do still bowl. I bowl whenever I get a chance, especially in preseason. But a lot of times during the season, youre traveling so much (that its difficult to have time to bowl). But whenever I get a chance. At times there will be guys from other teams who think they can bowl, so well go bowling. Sometimes when my brother starts talking a little too much, well go bowling. People may not realize this, but youre actually a very competitive bowler. You have your own bowling bag, right? Your own ball? A bowling shirt?

Chris Paul: I have two bowling balls. One of them actually looks like the old ABA-style basketball. I have my own bowling shoes, bag, all that. I tell people that one of these days Im going to get a house, and thats the first thing Im going to put in there, is two (bowling) lanes. Is the PBA Tour a possibility after you retire from basketball?

Chris Paul: Definitely! It might be a possibility BEFORE I retire. Maybe something you do in the summer?

Chris Paul: Ive been thinking about dropping out of the NBA and just bowling professionally. I dont think its as lucrative as basketball, though. But as long as you love to play, thats all that matters.

Chris Paul: Exactly.

9) Finally, from Hornets fan Larry Garrett (Midwest City, OK):
Chris, do you have brothers or sisters and are they athletic?

Chris Paul: I have one older brother, and he used to be athletic. He USED TO BE athletic. He actually played four years of college basketball, and he was a point guard also. He lives with me now in Oklahoma. Hes my best friend. Him and my dad still think they can hoop. My dad actually just got here today, and tomorrow morning theyre supposed to go play one-on-one.
So hes my brother older, and he used to be athletic. So he THINKS hes athletic?

Chris Paul: Yeah, he thinks hes athletic, but hes far from it [laughs]. So are you going to start smiling on the court now, or are you going to stick with your intensity?

Chris Paul: Ill try. Ill try. If something funny happens, Ill smile Nah, if stuff is going well I still probably wont smile. Because if you smile, its a sign of weakness and guys might relax. Being a point guard, youve always got to let guys know that its not over until its over.

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