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November 19, 2007 will be interviewing visiting players throughout the 2007-08 regular season during their trips to New Orleans, as part of our 1-on-1 feature. On Monday, we talked to Orlando guard J.J. Redick, asking the second-year pro from Duke about the Blue Devils hopes in 2007-08, the holidays, poetry and several other topics. How are you feeling about how the season is going so far?
Redick: Obviously, weve gotten off to a great start and were really excited about where we are. We continue to improve every game and I think early on, thats what you have to do. I think this team learned from last years start. We were 13-4 and were the toast of the town but its a long season. How do you feel about Dukes chances this year?
Redick: I like Dukes team this year. They have a lot of depth and a lot of talent. I think the players that were on last years team are going to be hungry after what happened last year. It was a down year for them. Do you miss playing basketball at the collegiate level?
Redick: Yes and no. The only thing I miss about college basketball are the people at Duke. My teammates, obviously, the coaches and the fans, the secretaries everybody. Duke was a special place for me. (But) I wouldnt want to go back and play college basketball. What are some of the improvements you made this summer on the court?
Redick: It was a productive summer for me. I worked out a ton. I worked on a lot of different stuff, particularly offensively. Its all about sharpening your skills. I tried to add a couple of things to my game and be in great shape. The holidays are coming up. What is your favorite tradition?
Redick: Thanksgiving is right up there with Christmas for me. I love Thanksgiving. For us in the Redick household, we would always sit around the table right before we ate and go around and tell each other what were thankful for. I have a family of criers so it always became this 30-minute emotional shindig. I wont be with my family this year, so Im going to miss that. What was the best Christmas present you ever received?
Redick: My best Christmas present ever was something I got last year. My mom gave me a picture of my granddad when he was 19 and had just enlisted in the Air Force. It has all of his World War II medals in it. He was a bomber pilot. Do you have a favorite Christmas song?
Redick: Silent Night is my favorite. The media has often asked you about the poetry youve written in the past. Is that still something you get a chance to do?
Redick: Absolutely. I actually wrote a little bit on the plane last night. I started writing poetry in eighth grade when my grandfather died. My mom was very close with him and seeing her go through that it was tough on me because Im very close with my mom. My first poem I ever wrote was about my grandfathers death. Where do you pull your inspiration from when you write?
Redick: Im always looking for inspiration. I think Im inspired by my peers, other athletes most of the time Im inspired by my family. They have a huge impact on me my parents and my brothers and sisters. Being that its a show based around basketball, has anyone ever told you that you look like James Lafferty from One Tree Hill?
Redick: I actually met him hes a really good guy. I was supposed to be on the show, because his character was supposed to play basketball at Duke, but I didnt get to do it. I get told a lot that I look like Freddie Prinze Jr., but I dont see it.

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