Ask Chris Paul: Part 2

April 7, 2008

In Hornets.coms Ask Chris Paul feature, we provide Hornets fans with the opportunity to submit questions to the Hornets All-Star point guard.

You can ask Chris a question by sending an e-mail to Please include Ask Chris Paul in the subject line of your e-mail. Also provide your full name and city.

Here are CPs recent answers to Hornets fans questions:

From John Zhou:
Chris, I read SLAM magazine and saw the article where your brother C.J. said you were usually the smallest person on the court but you dominated every game. What did you do to be so dominant? Can you tell me some tips to help my game?

Chris Paul: You just have to be aggressive. Thats one thing that has always been the case in basketball the person who is the most aggressive almost always wins. Thats the way its always been for me. And thats the way our team approaches every game, no matter who were playing against.

From Paloma Walker:
Chris, do you have a girlfriend?

Chris Paul: I surely do. Her name is Jada. Weve been together since my freshman year of college.

From April of Atlanta, Ga.:
After you retire from basketball, which would you do first, be a basketball coach (on any level) or become a professional bowler?

Chris Paul: [grins] How about if I did both?

Also from April:
When youre bored, whats the most random thing you do to keep yourself entertained?

Chris Paul: I like those little Sudoku books. I also might mess around on the internet or listen to music.

From Milorad Praljak of Cleveland, Ohio:
Hey CP3, how are you doing? I wanted to ask you, do you ever hang out with Peja? Has he taught you any Serbian words? And also, have you ever beaten him in a game of H-O-R-S-E? Good luck to you and the Hornets.

Chris Paul: Yes, Ive beaten Peja in a game of H-O-R-S-E. Early in the season, I was trying to learn a Serbian word once a day. I would come up to him and Peja would tell me one, but Ive forgotten a lot of them by now. And yes, Ive hung out with Peja. Hes a really cool guy and has a lot of personality. I think thats something that a lot of people might not know about him. Also, he speaks very good English, even though sometimes he likes to act like he doesnt. [laughs] So does Peja pretend he doesnt speak English well at times when its convenient?

Chris Paul: [grins] Exactly.

From Becca Smith:
Dear Chris, what is your favorite video game?

Chris Paul: NBA2K8, hands down. Im in a season right now, with nine of my other friends and play all day, every day.

From Danyal P. Henry of Houston, Texas:
Chris, you mentioned that you love to bowl. Your picture appears to show that you demonstrate the correct form for bowling, but you still might not know what you are doing. I bet you I can outscore you in bowling and not play that hard

Chris Paul: [laughs] I doubt it.

How many strikes/spares can you hit in a single game?

Chris Paul: Enough to win. I always play to the level of my competition.

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