Ask Chris Paul: 2008 Offseason, Part 3
By: Jim Eichenhofer,

In Hornets.coms Ask Chris Paul feature, we provide Hornets fans with the opportunity to submit questions to the Hornets All-Star point guard. You can ask Chris a question by sending an e-mail to Please include Ask Chris Paul in the subject line of your e-mail. Also include your hometown in the body of the e-mail.

Here are CPs recent answers to Hornets fans questions:

Chris Paul finds his shot amongst a group of Spurs.
From Luv Bhagchandani of Dubai, United Arab Emirates:
Chris, Im 16 years old and my height is 5-foot-5. Anything you suggest me working on, in my game?
Chris Paul: Everything. A lot of times people say you can play in the NBA if you do one thing great, but at the same time you need to be balanced in everything. There is always a spot in the NBA if you can shoot the ball. If there is one constant, you always have to be able to do that in this game.

From Julian Thompson of Oklahoma City:
What did you do every day to practice on your skills that got you to the NBA?
Chris Paul: Just playing hard. Every time I played basketball as a kid, I competed hard. Thats what got me here.

From Djoko Bodiroga, Zrenjanin, Serbia:
Chris, whos your best friend on the team?
Chris Paul: I would say everybody. If you asked my teammates, they would probably say Jannero Pargo, because were together all the time.

From Glarence Zhao:
Chris, do you do any drills that increase your speed? If so, what are they?
Chris Paul: I did a lot of line drills. I ran suicides, with the ball and without the ball. Part of it came from just being a kid, and wanting to push myself more and more.

From Dearionte Hudson:
Chris, Im 12 years old standing at 4-foot-7. On the court I try to be aggressive but sometimes I might get a shot blocked. How do you avoid getting your shot blocked?
Chris Paul: Thats what floaters are for, and up-and-under moves. I always think of myself as being very crafty with the ball. If I get in the lane, Im looking at where the defenders arm is, where his hands are, and Im trying to get the ball to the rim somehow. A lot of that just comes from playing so much. You start to learn how you can finish shots.

From Brody of New York City:
Chris, when did you realize you could play in the NBA? What was your training schedule in high school?
Chris Paul: I realized it as a sophomore in college. Thats when I really started to gain a lot of confidence. In high school, I played on the junior varsity during my freshman and sophomore year, so I would practice with my team, then when we got done, I would go practice with my older brothers team, the varsity. Then Id go home, eat dinner, then go to the YMCA and play there. I really didnt look at it like I was training or working out with certain guys; I was just playing ball.

From Irajuan Cooley:
Chris, you are away from home a lot. Do you get homesick?
Chris Paul: Yeah, definitely. Thats why I made sure that I got my fix of my hometown after the season ended. I was there for about two weeks.

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