Ask Chris Paul: 2008 Offseason, Part 2
By: Jim Eichenhofer,

In Hornets.coms Ask Chris Paul feature, we provide Hornets fans with the opportunity to submit questions to the Hornets All-Star point guard. You can ask Chris a question by sending an e-mail to Please include Ask Chris Paul in the subject line of your e-mail. Also include your hometown in the body of the e-mail.

Here are CPs recent answers to Hornets fans questions:

From John Melancon of Prarieville, Louisiana:
Hey CP3, hows everything going? How much would it mean to you to win the MVP award?
Chris Paul: It would mean a lot. I understand the award is not just about the individual. It means that the team had an outstanding year. Its always your teammates that make you an MVP.

Chris Paul utilizes his ballhandling skills as he takes the ball up the court.
From A.J. of Melbourne, Australia:
Chris, Im a point guard on my team. I watch you play and I am just blown away by your abilities. Im sure youve trained hard to get where you are and its really paid off. For an average player (like me), what advice would you give to improve dribbling skills and passing?
Chris Paul: Passing is one of those things that is really more about your instincts. Youve got to know the game to be a good passer. But as you play more and more, you start to realize when your teammates are going to be open. In terms of dribbling skills, I always had a basketball in my hands when I was a kid. I was always dribbling and trying new things. Then Id try to transfer the things I worked on to the court.

From April McFadden of Atlanta, Georgia:
Chris, on your last Ask Chris Paul you said Peja Stojakovic likes to pretend he doesnt know English that well when its convenient. Can you tell me a funny time he does that?
Chris Paul: I cant think of anything specific, but just as an example, if we have a Fan Appreciation Day or something like that, they might have each player on the team answer a question. Theyll go down the line, and if its anything that is (potentially controversial), when it comes to Peja, he will just smile and quickly say something like, Im very happy to be in America.

From Robin Wallace:
Chris, what are some of your favorite places to visit in New Orleans?
Chris Paul: There are a lot of places. I had a good time when we had one of our team events at the Audubon Zoo. Ive been to Preservation Hall, which was unbelievable. And just about any restaurant. [grins]

Tyson Chandler gets some hangtime on an alley-oop pass from Chris Paul.
From Jess McGuff of Los Angeles:
Chris, who do you think is the best basketball player ever?
Chris Paul: Im going to say Michael Jordan.

From Michael Camilleri of Malta:
Chris, first of all, just to let you know, although I live on a micro island on the other side of the world, I wake up every night at 2 a.m. to watch you guys play! Keep it up you have people rooting for you all around the world! Living in New Orleans, do you like jazz music? Its full of improvisation just like your game!
Chris Paul: I love it. I got into it a little bit more when I moved here, but my dad has always been a pretty big jazz fan. It grew on me.

From Bobby Scriven:
Chris, what do you think makes the pick-and-roll alley oop with you and Tyson Chandler seem so unstoppable?
Chris Paul: I think the amount of weapons we have on the floor. When Tyson and I do that high pick-and-roll lob, you have to pick your poison. Either let me score or let Tyson get the dunk. A lot of times, other guys are so scared to leave David West, Peja or Morris Peterson on the perimeter, that the play is wide open.

From Kelly Coffman of Los Angeles:
I bowled on the PBA Tour all through the 1990s and was the most powerful bowler in my time. I made numerous televised finals and was ranked third on tour in 1993. I am from Topeka, Kansas, and taught juniors when a friend of Chris was there by the name of Chris Barnes. I would like to know if Chris is ever in need of someone to help him on bowling or needs to learn how to put a massive hook on the ball, to have him give me a call.
Chris Paul: Ill definitely think about it! [laughs]

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