Ask Chris Paul

March 3, 2008

In Hornets.coms Ask Chris Paul feature, we provide Hornets fans with the opportunity to submit questions to the Hornets All-Star point guard.

You can ask Chris a question by commenting in Hornets.coms Big Easy Buzz blog, or by sending an e-mail to Please include Ask Chris Paul in the subject line of your e-mail.

Here are CPs recent answers to Hornets fans questions:

From Michael Torres of Toronto, Canada:

Chris, Morris Peterson mentioned that you are always the first person in the gym, and that he is always trying to beat you there, but with no success. How important is it to you to show leadership by showing up first and working on your game?

Chris Paul: I think its very important, but at the same time, its just something that Ive done since I was younger. Because I guess I love to play basketball so much, that when I wake up in the morning I cant wait to get to the gym. Last night at our game, when Mo got there to shoot, he saw me sitting down on the court watching game ops and was like, You already shot? And I was like, Yeah, I shot a long time ago.

Whenever they say we can be there, Im usually going to be there.

From Denia, Lisa and Vanessa Ochomogo of New Orleans:

Chris, what would be your ideal date night?

Chris Paul: [grins] Wow. My goodness. My ideal date night? Im pretty chill. I dont go out too much. I love movies. It would be nice to go grab a nice dinner somewhere, then go to a movie, just go back and chill.

From Terry Anderson of River Ridge:

Hey Chris! How do you keep your non-basketball life together? Is your apartment clean? When do you wash clothes? Do you auto-pay all of your bills or does someone take care of that for you?

Chris Paul: Thats a great question. Im actually fortunate to have my older brother living with me. Its been me and him the past three years. My house is pretty clean. I actually have someone who comes by (to clean) once a week, but they dont have to do that much Im a pretty neat person.

My brother does all of the clothes washing. My mother did that when I was in college, because I was right (near) home. I have a financial advisor who makes sure I pay my taxes and all of that stuff.

Ryan Schwan of Richmond, Virginia wonders:

CP says basketball is a hobby for me. Bowling is what I really do.
Chris, if bowling was as popular a sport as basketball, which sport would you be playing?

Chris Paul: I probably wouldnt be playing basketball, to tell you the truth. I tell people all the time that basketball is a hobby for me. Bowling is what I really do. Bowling is getting more popular, though, day in and day out.

From Jono Smith of New Orleans:

Chris, Reggie Bush mentioned recently that you and he live in the same apartment complex. Are you guys friends? Do have any upcoming events planned?

Chris Paul: Me and Reggie are very good friends. We eat together just about every day. Well, football season is over now, so he went back home, but we talk all the time. Weve been planning some stuff, so hopefully well have the opportunity to do something together on All-Star Weekend.

Ron Hitley of New Orleans asks:

Is it too early for fans at the Arena to start chanting M-V-P!

Chris Paul: Its much too early. Much too early. There is still a lot of season left. And I dont know if David West needs that nod for MVP yet.

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