Friday, December 31, 2010
Final Score: New Orleans 83, Boston 81

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On the big plays to win the game:
Well when you play this team here you not only need big plays but you have to be poised, and I thought when they made that run in the 4th quarter, I thought our guys were poised. We didnt lose sight of winning, just kept knocking down shots, especially against this team, if you lose sight of winning, you let up big plays.

On Ariza's shot:
Tribute to Trevor. He has that situation in Indiana and made a mistake and lost the game and for him to stay solid, for him and for Marco. They were trying to get Marco on Pierce but Marco didnt switch, and he got the rebound at the end, it just takes a lot of situations youve been in previous to get through that and Trevor was solid down the stretch.

On the 16-0 Celts run, comeback:
We felt like our backs were against the wall the way we played against the Lakers and I just talked about responding to tough situations all year with these guys. And Im amazed David was able to play through pain the way he does. And Chris had it the whole game and he found those guys. Thats how were going to have to play. It's not going to be one or two guys. We need everybody.

On the carry over to Washington:
We're going to need it. We're going to talk about it, making this trip sweet by going down there and getting a win before we go home.

Hornets Forward David West
We had to fight an uphill battle but thats what we make our money is on the defensive end. I thought we used our length, not let them get in a rhythm.

On his ankle:
I can't move laterally the way I want to but we're just going to find a way to tweek my looks.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On being the team leader:
We've got to bring it, commit to the defensive end, and can't let offense dictate the way we play. If guys come in, play their role, execute.

On the Celtics' 16-0 run:
Its crazy. Thinking back to the game, I dont even remember a 16-0 run. I just remember we called a timeout and I think it was 73 to 66. We just showed a lot of fight. I think when we came out of that time out, Marco hit a tough shot on the top of the key which gave us a little more momentum and energy. D-West came back to score, just showed a lot of fight.

We forced the tempo. We had an outstanding practice yesterday. Today, we tried not to walk the ball up the court. They have a lot of big guys. So we tried to make those guys run. Thats my job try to push the tempo. Me and Jarrett Jack, get the ball up the court and try to find opportunities for everybody.

Im in one of those situations where every night I go out, I know I am going to get the other guys' best shot. I remember coming in my rookie year I couldnt sleep the night before I played Steve Nash. I think it was after my third year in the league I started realizing Im somewhat that guy. Tomorrow I have John Wall; there is no rest for the weary.

Celtics Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Doc Rivers
On stepping into roles instead of stepping up:
Who are you talking about? Im just curious. Can you give me a name? [reference to Glen Davis three-point attempt] Thats a very good observation. Im going to let you just say that. I mean, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to see that. We had opportunities to win the game. We turned the ball over. At a game that was going at a snails pace, we turned the ball over 17 times. And I thought that hurt us as well. But, yeah, I thought we had a little bit of hero ball. Theres no doubt about that. And usually you lose when you do that. And so we lost.

On the last possession:
Well it was a pick and roll with Paul (Pierce) and Ray (Allen) and we got the switch we wanted. But I guess they mustve reached in and got the deflection. So, we got the switch we wanted, (Marco) Belinelli did the switch on Paul, smaller guy with a bigger guy, tried to force (Trevor) Ariza to maybe help and then youve got Ray standing behind the three. I didnt see what happened; I havent seen the clip. My guess is someone reached in and popped the ball loose. So thats what we were trying to get. We got what we wanted, it just didnt work out.

On their defense down the stretch:
Listen, our bench won the game, or almost won the game for us. Hell, when I put the starters back in both times first half and second half is when they closed the gap again. You know, Luke Harangody was guarding Emeka Okafor. I mean, what a hell of a matchup that is. And Luke was phenomenal. He just played so darn hard. You know, you left him on the floor. I thought JO (Jermain ONeal) the last three games he was fantastic. Hes playing great, hes doing exactly what we want him to do. Hes rebounding, hes blocking shots, and you know hell row and make a shot. And thats what we want him to do. I thought Von Wafer in the first half was fantastic. I thought Marquis (Daniels) in both halves was fantastic. You know, tonight it was a game of our starters. You know, I didnt think Shaq (ONeal) was bad either. I thought Shaq was okay too. You know, he got the fouls. Then I thought Ray was good as a starter. Other than that I thought we struggled. And right now with all the guys out, and weve got so many different combinations on the floor, our starters have to be solid every night through the stretch.

On mixing and matching to replace Kevin Garnett:
It went well. We had our opportunities. Listen, the guys that we threw in there did their jobs. They were fantastic. You know, so you cant be disappointed. I cant even be disappointed in most of the guys efforts tonight. I thought it was pretty good.

Is Nate Robinson healthy?
Well, hes playing a lot of minutes. And hes guarding Chris Paul. And Chris Paul has the ball in his hands for 20 seconds a possession. Thats exhausting. So I would say its more of that.

Celtics Forward Paul Pierce
Nobody feels good about losing a game. I mean, whats to feel good about? You play every game to win...bottom line.

Does the accumulation of injuries contribute to the loss?
No. Regardless of the injuriesIve told you guys this beforeinjuries are going to happen. Regardless of the injuries, weve still got to show up to play. Theres no moral victoriesand the guys that we put out there have got to be ready. Were on the home court with guys who know how to play the gamea game that we feel like we should win. For us to look back and say if such and such was out here, maybe the game wouldve been differentmaybe Paul Pierce has to do a better job in stepping up his game. I really didnt come to play to todayevident when you look up...6 turnovers, but we only lose by 2. The responsibility is on the guys out on the floor."

On the fluctuation of points:
It was a game of ups and downs. We just didnt play consistently. When you see that type of flow of play going up down up down, we just didnt play consistent basketball. We probably shouldve kept Marquis in there for me there late in the game. When he was in the game, he had a very good stretchpushed the lead up. Ive just got to do a better job when Im on the court with this unit."

Celtics Guard Marquis Daniels
On their success at the beginning of the fourth quarter
Just getting stopsgetting the ball uptrying to get easy baskets as much as we canglad to have some good shot blockers in there. We were just trying to get some stops and get easy baskets. We got Ray some open shotsthings were rolling for a little bit and we tied upwe had a little backslap at the end.

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