Friday, December 16, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 97, Memphis 90

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On the game:
Obviously we have a lot of things we have to correct. Our weak side defense was poor tonight, and they exploited that. The first part of the game we didnt help the helper. That is a term that we use. Usually, Emeka (Okafor) is the guy helping out on penetration, and we didnt help him tonight. We didnt turn the ball over as much as I thought we would in the first game. I thought our guys scrapped all night long.

On Quincy Pondexter:
He was scrapping tonight. He played with energy. He is just trying to find his way. To his credit he is a three, and we have him playing the four because of the numbers we have. I thought he played hard, and he is trying to figure it out. He has just got to keep improving.

On the younger players:
Squeaky (Carldell Johnson) came in and ran the team the way that you would like to see a third string point guard come in and run the team. He didnt play cool. He came out there, ran the squad and made big buckets when he needed to. I thought Lance (Thomas) played well all night long. He was aggressive. He was in his wide coverages in the post. He scored when he had to but didnt force the issue. I thought those guys stood out.

Hornets Guard Jarrett Jack

On the win:
We just played hard. That is the thing we hang our hat on each and every night. That is the thing coach preaches in practice every single day. If you look at the statistics, I think they shot a better field goal percentage, and I think they out rebounded us. We might have turned them over a little more, but I think, all in all, for 48 minutes we just played with a better effort.

On being a leader:
Im a vocal guy just in general. Regardless of who is in the locker room. I just feel that with me being in the league for seven years, learning and trying to understand this offense as best as I can, I try to lead guys as best I can and point them in the right direction.

Grizzlies Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Lionel Hollins

On Josh Selby and Jeremy Pargo:
I think Selby is young and he has a lot to learn. I think it was a great learning experience for him. I understand that the NBA is totally different from all the charity pick-up games all summer long. Pick-up basketball is totally different from playing in the NBA. It (NBA) is a lot more intensity, a lot more defense, and the guys are men. I thought Pargo attacked the basket and did some nice things. He made a few shots and showed quickness on defense guarding the opposing point guard. For a first time out, I thought that Pargo showed because of his experience being over in Europe the past two or three years that he is definitely way ahead.

On the execution in the game:
We need to take care of the ball. We had 21 turnovers, and thats not very good. If youre going to get the ball in your hands, you have to take care of it. Its the first game, and were not playing with our regular guys. We had no post presence when Zach (Randolph) wasnt in the game. Basically Rudy (Gay) ran the post a few times, but when Rudy and Zach were out of the game, we had no post presence. We just need to take care of the ball. We had some nice execution. We just need to build on that and be more consistent, cut down the turnovers, execute better in each possession. Defensively we showed some grit at times, but we were playing against a lot of guys that are trying to make the league from the D-League or overseas and they had too much success for my comfort.

On the remainder of the preseason:
Were going like its our last preseason game. Were going to play our guys and get ready for the regular season. Thats the way weve always done it. Weve taken the first two or three and just tried to play people. Then in the middle games, we play our rotations like we would and then we come back the last game and just play. This time were going to have to play guys that havent been playing together. Marc (Gasol) will be in the mix really soon. Darrell (Arthur) will be back and Sam (Young) will be back. We need a lot of work on getting our game together as we go forward. Well have to use that exhibition game because when youre going against yourselves all the time you can get deluded in what you really have and what youre really doing. When youre going against other people it totally changes, especially in defense because you dont know what the other team is doing.

Grizzlies Forward Rudy Gay

On his shoulder and playing again:
The shoulder feels good. It was just fun to go out there and play again. Obviously, Im a little rusty. I havent been part of a team in so long. Thats what preseason is about shaking off the dust and trying to get the team back together. Its definitely what I expected. I didnt expect to go out there and be the old me or any better. Im just trying to be athletic and fight through it. I want to play to the best of my ability.

On playing with a different roster than last season:
For us, we take a lot out of it. Were a different team than we were last year. We have a couple new pieces from last year. Line-ups, second teams and third teams will change. I like the guys that are here. Josh Davis showed a lot of hustle. He was in camp last year. Hes playing exceptionally right now. We need that. He fits with us. Theres nothing I dont think (Jeremy Pargo) can do. Ive known him for a while and played him in college. I got to know him. Hes going to be out there and be a professional point guard.

Grizzlies Guard O.J. Mayo

On the first preseason game:
It was fun to go through training camp and then get into a real game. For me personally, my body was a little fatigued. At the same time, I thought we played well. I thought we executed well. We played hard and no one got hurt.

On the new additions to the Grizzlies roster:
Josh Davis and Walter Sharpe played really hard tonight. They made good basketball plays. They did great.

On playing the Hornets again Wednesday:
Once you get a little taste of it, youre ready to get back after it. With how the NBA works, you have one game, good or bad, and you forget about it and youll play again very soon. Well make some slight adjustments and get back out there ready to play.

On the upcoming season:
The main this is to go out there and execute defensively and offensively. We have to make sure that were playing hard. Well be working on everything in training camp. Well go out there and play our game plan. We have to play hard. Training camp was really tough. We had a good practice yesterday. You want to come and get your body adjusted to playing again in a full game with 12 minute quarters. I definitely enjoyed playing in front of the home crowd. The energy was great in the fourth quarter. Im looking forward to opening night. I feel great to be back. Once you play one game you cant wait for the next one to start and for the season to come on.

Grizzlies Guard Jeremy Pargo

On playing in his first NBA game:
This was the first NBA game for me outside of summer league. It was an exciting time. Unfortunately, we lost. Thats the gist of it, I guess.

On what he will bring to the Grizzlies:
I just want to get good time and do whatever I can to help the team. Whatever that means, I am willing to do it. I am a new guy. Im just trying to find my spot and take advantage of opportunities. It is still early. Weve been together less than a full week. Its wide open. You have to come out and play hard. You have to do what you do to make the team successful.

On the Grizzlies:
You always want to win, no matter who you are playing against and whatever the situation is. We did some things well and we did some things we werent really too happy with. Coming into practice tomorrow, Im sure well work on free-throws and continue to work. Its still early and we have a long way to go. We want to focus on practice first. We want to watch film. (The next game with) New Orleans come went it comes.

On signing with the Grizzlies:
It was a great opportunity and a chance to be successful and play with a successful team. I enjoyed the way they played during the playoffs. Being overseas, you get to watch whatever happens and follow along as best as you can. I knew something about the team already. It was an opportunity that was too good to pass up.

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