Thursday, April 26, 2012
Final Score: New Orleans 77, Houston 84

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams

On the end of the game and the end of the season:
"The season, the game was tough and I was certainly proud of our guys that got a chance to play in this last game, but at the same time the season is over and nobody wants their seasons to be over in April. There are so many things to be thankful for, be happy about as we go forward but this is a very tough time and Ive been feeling it all week. These are my guys and we cant play anymore and we dont know what the future holds. Free time isnt always good. I told our guys, if you feel relieved right now, then youre not the kind of guys that I want to be around. I really enjoyed being in the playoffs last year. Its a little tough right now. In the big scheme of things we are very blessed right now.

Hornets Forward Carl Landry

On the season:
"It's tough now that the season, most of the guys in this locker room wanted to be in the post season now and Im sure the rockets did too. Its been a tough year for this team as weve been down with a lot of injuries. But in the end we stuck together, fighting, but unfortunately we came up short for the playoffs. We are growing and going in the right direction."

On the Houston fans:
"I appreciate the Houston fans, I played my heart out when I was here and I played for the fans as well as my teammates and the organization. It always feels good to come back to Houston. Ive always been welcomed with opening arms when I come through the door and it feels great.

Hornets Guard Jerome Dyson

On his opportunity:
It feels great and Im just happy to be here. A lot of people work real hard for this opportunity in the d-league and not a lot of people get to the NBA. For me it was great to get the opportunity to play and compete and play a lot of minutes and show the team I can play basketball.

Hornets Forward Jason Smith

On the game:
"It was a good thing for the young guys to get an opportunity to play, to really come out and get the opportunity to play and show what they can do. It may just be one game, but its a big game.

Rockets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Kevin McHale

On the play of the bench:
I thought Greg Smith came in and gave us a big lift and really rebounded the ball well and Chase (Budinger) was making shots and at the start of the game we were bad. They got a little rhythm going and I thought Patrick (Patterson) and Greg did a good job for us. Courtney Fortson came in and moved the ball, got it up and down and got Goran (Dragic) a little rest.

On the season:
We became a real one-headed team and teams started ganging up on Goran (Dragic) putting a lot of big guys on him steady and just trying to take the ball out of his hands and during that six game losing streak the ball ended up in a lot of guys' hands. They've (Rockets) got to make plays. Those guys got to make big plays.

On the Rockets missing playoffs:
"32 in 25 coming home from those games. There's no way we shouldn't be in the playoffs this weekend but we're not. That's the bottom line. It's a learning experience. The guys I've talked to I've said 'You're going to play in meaningful games there's going to be a lot of heat, they're going to be coming for you and there's just a level you've got to understand and you've got to come out with that level on the forefront of your mind and it's just going to be a battle."

Rockets Guard-Forward Courtney Lee

On the win:
It's somewhat of a good feeling. We're upset that we didn't make the playoffs but we went out there and did the right thing and finished the season with a win for our fans. They came out and supported us tonight. We could have easily just laid down how we started out the game and didn't want to get in the game and compete but we went out there and we fought for them so it is somewhat of a good feeling.

On their thoughts for next season because he's a restricted free agent:
I'm going to take it one day at a time this summer and try to enjoy myself as much as possible. I put in the work last summer. I tried to play to the best of my capabilities throughout this season and I'll just let it take care of its own.

Rockets Center Samuel Dalembert

On the win:
Definitely, nobody wants to go into the off season with a loss. The last game was the kind of game that will mark you a little bit and leave a little bitter taste in your mouth. It (the losing streak) wasn't fair for the fans too. We kind of feel like we let the fans down for the last 10 games. We just came out there and today we started really bad in the first half and we responded to the pressure (in the second half)."

On the Rockets picking up on his option next season:
I'm not worried. Either way, business is business. I've been in this league long enough to know it's not personal, it's just business. We'll see what's going to happen.

Rockets Forward Chase Budinger

On the Rockets second half comeback tonight:
It definitely didn't show in that 1st quarter and in the first half. We were just kind of going through the motions and not playing with intensity. We came in to half time and we really kind of got on each other and it was like, 'Hey man. Let's go out there and play hard and play for each other and just play more intense.' I think we did that and that's how we got the win tonight.

On the Rockets play near the end of the season:
It was definitely a roller coaster for us as a team and individually. I'm glad how it ended up but unfortunately we didn't make the playoffs and that's the biggest thing we wanted to make this year and we fell short at the end of the season."

Rockets Guard Goran Dragic

On the Rockets falling short of the playoffs:
It's sad because two or three weeks ago we had a really good position. On the scoreboard we were 5th or 6th place and after that we lost six or seven games in a row and our season went down. For sure, we have a team for the playoffs but we couldn't make it and everybody is frustrated and disappointed.

On the Rockets being a playoff caliber team:
We demonstrated that we can play. We won a lot of games, especially (we showed we could play) against Miami, Oklahoma, the Lakers, all of these teams are going to fight for the championship ring. I think we should be there (in the playoffs). We should play in the playoffs but that's basketball. You have to bring energy. You have to fight every night and some games we didn't do that.

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