Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 90, Los Angeles 106

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On the different in tonights game:
We missed shots. To say that the Lakers took us out of [the game] I wouldnt say. I think we missed a ton of shots in the second half. Carl only had 7 attempts tonight hes gotta get more attempts. Emeka had some chances around the basket but hes got to catch the ball and go up there and finish.

On tonights increased physicality:
Give them credit, obviously. There was more focus to be physical tonight and I know you guys saw it. A lot of it, its just not basketball so its just one of those things we have recognize and withstand that kind of play and overcome it.

On Kobe Bryants play and ankle:
Thats what he does. All this talk about his ankle, did it look like his ankle was hurting? Okay then. See thats why I dont even get into all that. It is what it is, he made a spectacular play."

On increasing the physicality of the game:
In my opinion, when we went to the basket tonight, they were putting us on the ground. At some point you have to know how to make a playoff foul and whether it comes from this experience, with our team we have to learn how to not allow him to get that play off because our guys are going down when they go to the basket whether its on a free-throw, rebound, or when they attack the basket, so galvanizing? I dont know it is. He could have layed it up tonight and the crowd would still have screamed.

On if his team settled for jump shots:
I think I talked to you about that before. When we play that way and start jacking up jump shots, you know, how have we won games? Weve attacked the basket early and its opened up everything for us. We hit a lot of jump shots and I thought cause guys were playing heavy minutes late in the game. Game 5 you dont have the legs like in Game 1. I thought it took away from out attack mentality. Every time we attacked in the second half whether it was Chris or Trevor or Marco we got to the line or Emeka got a tip out or something like that. I thought we gave into the jump shots too early.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On his assists tonight and if he struggled tonight:
Somewhat, somewhat. I wouldnt have known that if you told me about the assists, but we sort of did. The games that we have won in the series, we sort of been on attack mode. That tends to happen in basketball when you make a few shots; you want to keep taking them. We have to get back to attacking the rim and get to the free-throw line.

On the wide discrepancy in bench points tonight:
I dont know what to tell you. I think the tough thing for us tonight was the balance that they had. D Fish [Derek Fisher] 13 [points], 17 [points] somebody, 18 [points], 19 [points], so they were balanced. We have to figure out what were going to take away. Trevor [Ariza] and Marco [Belinelli] had it goingall in all we played a pretty good game, pretty physical game. We have to figure out how to play physical without sending them to the free-throw line all the time

On his level of confidence now that the record is 3-2:
Still high. The great thing about it is now we get to go back to our home court with our fans behind us and we have to bring energy. Its the elimination game now. We cant leave anything out there. Like they always say win or go home. We dont have another game to fall back on. This is all or nothing for us. We are going to come out Game 6 and play. I cant wait. I think that city, New Orleans probably wish the game was when we get back on the flight tonight."

On the Lakers physicality:
I dont know. I dont know. We are going to go, we are going to try and figure it out. We have to figure it out; I dont know the answer to that.

Hornets Forward Trevor Ariza
On the Lakers balanced attack offensively tonight:
They played well. Theres nothing that we can say. I dont think we didnt fight or we didnt play well, I just feel like they played better than us. Thats it.

On the Hornets losing their early lead:
I just felt like we stopped being aggressive. I dont think that they were more aggressive, I think we stopped being aggressive. We started settling, I know I did, for more jumpshots instead of taking it to the basket. That was the difference.

On if the Hornets turnovers were due to the Lakers defense or self-inflicted:
A lot of it I think has to do with us. But give them credit, they played great defense as well. If we want to have a chance, we have to take care of the ball.

On Kobe Bryant playing well tonight despite being on crutches Sunday:
Some injury.

Hornets Guard Willie Green
On the Lakers offensive rebounding tonight, from guards and big men:
Sometimes as guards, we get caught looking instead of [boxing out] our guys and keeping those guys off the boards. They got a lot of size down there, but we have to do a better job. Theres no excuses for that.

On the Hornets main focus going into Game 6:
Win. Thats it. We have to take care of home and go into this game focused, knowing that we can win.

On what he saw from Kobe tonight and if the Hornets prepared any differently for him considering his ankle injury:
He played his normal game. We know Kobe is not going to sit out in the playoffs unless they shoot him with a tranquilizer. Other than that, hes going to get out there and play. We were ready for him, we were prepared for him to come out and play the game like he normally does.

Hornets Center Emeka Okafor
On how difficult it is to keep the Lakers big men out of the lane:
Its difficult. Thats why theyre the two-time defending champions. They have a lot of size, strength and skill, and as far as matchups go, its difficult.

On Kobe playing well with his sprained ankle:
Thats for show. You know Kobe is going to play no matter what, even if he has to be out there on one leg.

Lakers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Phil Jackson
On his thoughts after Bryants first stint:
Better get him off the floor hes a liability. He came back in the second strong as ever and after a misplay on trying to get a foul and a three-point play by Trevor he was able to get it going.

On his expectations of Bryant:
I expected him to lift the level of his game up. The first time out he was kind of feeling himself, how its going out there on the court.

On if he believes the dunk got Bryant going:
It got the crowd going. It seemed to spark him. You know he was at a point, thats enough so yeah I think that was a big statement.

On if the dunk shows that Bryant is healthy:
No, just that he was mad.

On how the Lakers were able to be successful:
I think we had our hands on a lot of balls and its uncharacteristic of them to have 19 turnovers in a ballgame, so that was a big part of the game.

On the play of former Lakers guard Trevor Ariza:
Well hes really lifted his game. Trevor did not have a good year shooting the three point shot; he shot it well against us so thats obviously a big part. I think he feels comfortable out there. We need to make him a little more uncomfortable out there on the court.

On if he expected this type of performance tonight:
Well, you hope for it you dont expect it. Its your home court, youre coming back, and this is what you play for all year for to have this energy in a situation like that so expect it? No. Hopeful? Yes.

Lakers Guard Kobe Bryant
On his ankle in the first quarter of the game:
It was alright, it was a little stiff but it loosened up the more I movedthe more I played the looser it got. That first couple of minutes I was ready to go.

On how his ankle is feeling:
It feels alright. You know, the beauty of mind and medicine.

On the physicality of tonights game:
We just played. We just played hard.

On why he opted not to have an MRI:
Well, I was moving ok, I didnt feel like it was broken. And even if it was it wouldnt have mattered, I would have played anyway. So it was a waste of time. I wouldve had to go all the way up there and do that and then sit in 405 traffic for two hours.

On his dunk in the second quarter:
I just had a lane to the basket. It looked like he was going to challenge me at the end and I accepted the challenge.

On if his dunk sent a message:
Well, I mean its a message for us, that, you know, this is important. Play tough, do what we got to do

On the teams second unit:
Thats one of our biggest strengths. We believe our second unit can go out there and be disruptive and cause turnovers, and allow us to get out and transition, and all those things were clicking.

Lakers Forward-Center Pau Gasol
On if the team is more motivated now considering Kobe Bryant might be limited:
At this point we all have to step up and play, whether Kobe [Bryant] is limited or not. He didnt look limited tonight and he played very wellnow we are 3-2 and we want to win the next one. We all have to step up no matter what.

On the Lakers physicality tonight:
We should do that all the time. We should be able to play like that all the time. Tonight was definitely a game that we needed to play physical in and control the boards, and use our bodies. It was a good effort, good team effort. I think everybody played really hard and our energy was good and thats why we won the way we won.

On him and Andrew Bynum outscoring the Hornets big players:
Its one of the aspects of the game that we want to control. If our front court is able to out-play their front court thats a big plus. Doesnt mean we are going to win, but its a big plus.

On getting tired of some of the shoving under the basket:
I didnt get tired of it. I was used to it. You have to play through it and you have to fight back. Youre going to get bumped and pushed and shoved, and you have to push and shove back. I established myself better. I was able to absorb and deliver contact

Lakers Guard Derek Fisher
On how his team elevated its play as the game went on:
I think our guys coming off the bench did a great jobWe allowed them to get in rhythm and get comfortable in the first quarter. They put up 32 points and thats something we cant allow to happen. Our guys off the bench came and got it going.

On Kobe Bryant playing tonight despite a sprained left ankle:
I dont know what else I can add. I mean, his legacyhes going to play. Whatever hes got going, as long as he has two hands and two feet hes going to play. Hes going to figure it out.

On defensive adjustments his team made:
The guys off the bench I think [helped]. I think Matt [Barnes] was really active with his hands on some loose balls. Steve [Blake] was running and getting some rebounds, Shannon [Brown] knocked down a couple big shots, and then Lamars versatility, where he can rebound and push the ball [helped]. So I think the game just kind of opened up. But I think defensively they were a little more active, and rotating better and caused more to happen in that second quarter.

Lakers Forward Ron Artest
On Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynums performances tonight in the paint:
They played to their potential tonight, and they played hard. I know they played to their potential.

On the Hornets low post defense against his team:
I think the Hornets have a tough power forward and a center. I mean, theres Emeka [Okafor], Landry knocking the ball out, [and] Ariza is playing out of his mind.

Lakers Center Andrew Bynum
On the importance of his teams third quarter performance tonight:
Yeah, the third quarter we came out not flat, and we were able to kind of increase the lead there.

On what he liked about his teams performance tonight:
We came out there and we changed their rhythm. There were times in the game that were crucial and we pressured a little bit. It definitely showed up tonight. And then our defensive play and our offensive play, we were able to capitalize underneath this game.

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