Sunday, April 24, 2011
Final Score: New Orleans 93, Los Angeles 88

Hornets Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Monty Williams
On the win:
Tonight was about a number of things that we have been talking about being strong and courageous. Since the playoffs started, the guys are fighting for everything that they are going to receive. They have to take it. Chris Paul had one of the better performances that I have seen in the playoffs. A lot of guys have performances when they score. We scored, dished it out, and rebounded. We made tough, tenacious plays. A lot of times, the rebounds are 50/50 balls and you see a six foot guy go up and get it. It just describes their heart. As a coach, Ive said it a number of times. Trevor Ariza, I thought he set the tone for us from the beginning. A lot of our guys stepped up tonight; they just played a tough, tenacious game. In order for us to beat them, we are going to have to play like this all the time.

On Marco Belinelli:
Marcos been a guy that he may not be the best at a lot of things, but he plays hard. We have had to trust him all year long. He was in here last night putting up shots close to an hour. We know the guys who put the work in; they deserve a chance to play. Hes not afraid and hes out there fighting (Ron) Artest like a strong, small forward. Its just trust.

On Chris Paul playing injured:
Chris has a number of things going on; not just his thumb, but his hip. He takes a hit to the thigh a lot from pick-and-rolls on defense. It did not bother me as much because as soon as he would attack the basket, I knew the adrenaline kicked in and he played. As the game went on, I did not see him wincing at all. When he caught the ball, he just caught it; so that to me was a sign that he was okay.

On Chris Pauls play:
He was not scoring but other guys were. Trevor (Ariza) was attacking the basket. Chris does not have to score to control the game. We just need to get other guys to step up and make baskets. Carl (Landry) had a decent game tonight. And when its time for him to take over, he will pick his spots. He will admit that he struggled with that most of the year trying to figure out when to be aggressive and we do not have David West right now, so we need him (Paul) to be aggressive. He needs to fill Davids shoes and with everybody on our bench, so Chris has to show more responsibility. Its unfortunate that he gets the criticism that he gets when he does not play like this on a night-in, night-out basis.

Hornets Guard Marco Belinelli
Were playing against maybe the best team in the league. Ron Artest is one of the best defensive guys in the league. I decided to first of all, make a good defense because the defense wins the game. At the same time, I try to be aggressive. I know I missed a couple of shots, but every shot was good. I just need to score. I think the next game is going to be great. I work a lot on my shot. It may be a little bit mental. I dont want to think too much about my shot. I just have to stay positive.

Hornets Guard Willie Green
Just to see him take over the way he has, its been spectacular. The two games before this, the Lakers got ahead of us and we werent able to get the lead back. They kept us at arms length. So tonight, we were able to get the lead and we tried to do the same thing. Just take care of the lead, take care of the basketball, and execute. Like I said, when youre playing against a team thats as good as these guys are, youve got to be clicking on all cylinders. Tonight was one of those nights where we came together as a team and we did what we needed to do to get the win.

Hornets Center Aaron Gray
Trev was super aggressive. Chris was aggressive. Jarrett Jack came in aggressive. We just had guys that werent settling for the jumper. Thats a strong, physical team and you have to match that. If you dont, that gives them confidence and that leads to them playing more efficiently offensively and defensively. Were just working through it. Coach is doing a great job. If Im being effective, if he feels like I help this team, he goes with me. If not, we need to put someone else in there. I think he knows that I just want to win. So at whatever cost it is, whoever has to sacrifice, whatever we have to dothats what needs to be done.

Hornets Guard Chris Paul
On the pass to Jarrett Jack:
D Fish is an outstanding defender. He was playing pretty good defense on me. So, we saw Kobe was hobbling a little bit, so we decided to throw a ball screen and figured they would probably switch. I made a move, attacked, and Jarrett Jack saved me, because I was about to take one of the worst shots I had taken all game. I drove, tried to get some space, Kobe played good D and was on my right side. I didnt have a shot and thank the Lord I saw J Jack out the corner of my eye.

On the playoffs:
When you get to the playoffs, nobody feels sorry for you. Nobody. They dont care whats wrong with your ankle, whats wrong with your knee, or anything like that. This is where players are made. I just look at it as a great opportunity for us as a team to forget about the regular season and seize the moment.

On his aggressive play:
I play with a chip on my shoulder, regardless, day in and day out. Im not trying to make a statement. I guess I try to do that every time I play. Theres nothing Im trying to do new, Im just being me.

Hornets Forward Trevor Ariza
Going into the game and being aggressive was something that we talked about. When Im aggressive early, our team starts to go. Defensively, we played team defense. You cant really guard a player like that one on one. So, our weak side players, Emeka and all of them, they played great.

Lakers Post Game Quotes

Head Coach Phil Jackson
On the game:
Well, its a series now. 2-2, Best out of three. We punked out out there on the court tonight. They had the momentum of the crowd tonight in the first half. They had a momentum change when a goaltending wasnt called. That was a four point play. We came back in the second half, and pushed back. We tried to make good things happen to get momentum back.

On Chris Paul:
We did well in the first half; he had four points. The second half he came back, and we didnt identify very well. He made a lot of things happen out there. He had a triple double. He just pressed the issue. He let his teammates score in the first half, and Trevor and (Carl) Landry had a good first half. He didnt have to press the game. And then he pressed the game in the second half and delivered for them.

On Kobe Bryants play:
Kobe didnt really shoot well in the ball game. Trevor (Ariza) did a great job on him. When its all said and done, in the end he made some plays for us and got things going for us, we just didnt make the plays on our end. He didnt really defend Paul. He just got switched up on a couple of screen rolls with Trevor (Ariza) involved in it.

Lakers Guard Steve Blake
On controlling Chris Paul defensively:
He obviously controlled the game, he played the way he wanted to and he made some really tough shots. He created shots for his teammates, but we also made some mistakes, which opened things up for him. So it goes both ways.

On the difference between games 3 and 4 for Chris Paul:
He is one of the better point guards in the league. There are going to be nights were he gets off. Its never easy, we just need to come back for the next game and get re-focused and get ready for the next game.

Lakers Forward Matt Barnes
On the difference in Chris Paul between game 4 and game 3:
Lack of the attention to detail, our goal is to shut him down and he did everything for them tonight. I think he led everybody in scoring rebounding and assists. When you let the other teams best player do that you are going to have a hard time winning."

On the game plan to control Chris Paul:
Same game plan, we know he is the head of the snake, and in order to beat this team we are going to have to slow him down a little bit. He did a great job of not only did he scoring for himself, but getting his teammates involved. We have got to come back in game 5 and take control.

On the most frustrating thing:
Just letting things slip away and not executing down the stretch. A few turnovers, allowing them 22 second chance points to our four. That was a big difference. We just need to tighten our belts and come back ready to play game 5.

On the Hornets effort plays:
That is what they beat us with tonight, like I said, they had 22 second chance points to our four. That just is a lack of effort and a lack of hustle, they got all the 50/50 balls, loose balls and everything. Thats why they beat us.

On the toughness of the series:
Yea its the playoffs. No one is going to just lay down no matter what you have across your chest. This team is hungry, and they want to advance. Every time people play us we expect their best effort and that is what they gave us.

Lakers Guard Kobe Bryant
On his ankle:
It was just roll over, its been a week since I hurt it last. It happens, you roll your ankle once, its easy to hurt again.

On Jarrett Jacks shot in the closing seconds of the game:
He just made a cut, Jack made a great cut. I felt like I played pretty good defense. I used my length, used my size, but Jack made a great cut in the lane and got the shot off.

On his status for Game 5:
Its going to take a lot to stop me to play. Well do treatment the whole flight, but well make sure we stay on top of it. Its more of my foot, its not really my ankle, its my foot. I mean, I dont hurt that too often so its a little different.

On stopping Chris Paul as a key to the series:
"Were playing to win the series. It was important for us to come here and regain home court. Hes one of the best point guards in the game. Hes going to have games like this, where he controls the ball. I mean, the majority of the game, hes just a phenomenal player."

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